5 Tips on Planning Your Bahamas Cruise Onshore Wedding

Visiting the Bahamas via cruise ship and would like an elegant beach wedding before leaving our shores?  Here are five tips on planning your elegant cruise onshore wedding in the Bahamas:

  1. As time will be limited, research Bahamian wedding planners and choose one to work with you to plan your special day.
  2. Beaches are popular locations for cruise onshore weddings.  Choose one that’s secluded and easily accesible.
  3. Fresh flowers are available for your ceremony decor and bridal party bouquets.  Choose colorful flowers to highlight your beautiful ocean backdrop.
  4. In planning your onshore day’s itinerary, choose a post wedding activity … either a cocktail reception, lunch, an extended stay on a gorgeous beach or a sightseeing excursion.
  5. In order to secure a Bahamas Marriage Licence, the following is required:
  • Residency – couples must be in Bahamian waters for 24 hours
  • Passports.
  • If divorced, certified copies of your divorce decrees are required.  If spouse is deceased, certified death certificate is required.  These are retained by the Registrar General’s Office.
  • A letter from ship stating that you’re passengers on the ship and the length of time you’ve been in Bahamian waters along with ship’s itinerary.
  • Cruise ship boarding cards.

Waivers are granted for couples wishing to be married same day of arrival.

Enjoy your cruise onshore Bahamas wedding!