7 Must-Haves the Smart Bride Has on Hand

Beach Wedding

All brides want everything to go according to plan on their big day. There are smart must-haves brides can have on hand to help plans go well.

To guard against them, you should arrange to have certain critical items available if you want to be prepared. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

To make your wedding day run smoothly, don’t forget to bring along these seven beach wedding must-haves.

1. Dependable Pumps

Yes, high heels can make you look taller, thinner, and more stylish, but you need to keep your comfort in mind. It’s not practical (or safe!) to spend hours standing and walking on five-inch heels, so you need to have a pair of flats available. Also, every bride should consider equipping her heels with insoles, as will take some of the stings out of standing in heels and enduring a day taking pictures.

Picture spending your entire reception in heels; this is torture for your poor feet. You want to have a good time at your wedding, so whenever you feel your feet hurt from your heels, switch to flats.  See our post on beach weddings here.

2. Emergency makeup

It’s a known fact: Some brides get extremely emotional on their big day. As a result, a few tears might mess up the makeup that took hours to create. Smeared mascara, blotchy foundation, and raccoon eyes equal a full-blown wedding disaster, especially if a photographer is hovering around.

You don’t want to look like a rabid raccoon on your wedding day, so it’s important to bring extra mascara, makeup-removing wipes, cotton swabs, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, and your trusty makeup brushes.

3. Bobby pins and hairspray

Even if you have the best hairdresser in America, gravity will eventually mess up your hairdo. As a result, you’ll want to pack bobby pins, anti-frizz cream, and hairspray.

If your style flops, just give it a boost with some hairspray. If your hair starts to loosen up, stick some bobby pins in it. You can also pack some elastics if you want to pick up your hair during the reception. By packing these essentials, your style will last throughout the night.

4. A handkerchief 

Unrelenting waterworks and a snotty nose can make you look less than perfect on your big day. You don’t want to smudge your makeup because it’s time-consuming to have to reapply it, so it’s important to have a hankie on you at all times to blot excess tears and snot.

5. Period prevention program

Unfortunately, Mother Nature likes to send unwanted presents. Every bride should have pads or tampons around, just in case her period comes unannounced.

6. A jacket

You don’t want to get cold on your big day. What more need be said?

7. A camera

Make sure to bring a camera so you can document your big day from the moment you get ready to the second you leave for your honeymoon. Even if your wedding includes a professional photographer, you may appreciate the more personal, candid shots you can get of your friends, family, and . . . oh yes, the new husband!