7 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue In The Bahamas

Wedding venue in the Bahamas

One of the first things couples do when destination wedding planning is research venue options

If you’re planning on a Bahamian wedding and have started your research, you’ve probably come across plenty of beautiful venue spaces. The Bahamas has a long list of incredible locations to exchange vows, from hotels to resorts to restaurants.  

But with so many exciting places to tie the knot, how do you know which one is best suited for your celebration? 

While there are many things to consider, I’ve come up with 7 top things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding venue in the Bahamas. And along with these considerations, I’ve included a few of my favorite venues to inspire you.

Choosing the Best Bahama Wedding Venue

1| The Feeling it Gives You

This may not immediately seem like something that would contribute to your decision, but think about it for a moment. Think about how you feel when you walk into certain places. Places you love and places you would rather avoid. 

If you’re able to visit the Bahamas and look at venues before your wedding day, notice how you feel when you walk into a space for the first time. What emotions arise? Can you imagine yourself getting married there? What’s your intuition telling you? 

Even if a place is beautiful, if your gut is steering you in a different direction, take note, my dear. Consider all the options and keep looking. There are many treasures to discover in the Bahamas!

2| Availability

April, May, and June are some of the busiest months for destination weddings in the Bahamas, so hotel rooms and venue space may be limited. May through mid-December is considered the off-season, so you’ll have more places to choose from at lower rates. Just keep in mind how many guests you’re inviting, as the number can affect your decision no matter what time of year it is. 

3| Venue Style

Does your wedding have a theme? Are you looking to create a certain ambiance? Where would you like to get married (garden, beach, bayside)? These are all things to consider as you look for your Bahamas wedding venue. If the event space does not stylistically fit the wedding look and feel you’re going for, it can throw off the whole celebration. And we can’t have that!  

One of the things we do here at Chic Bahamas is help you design your dream down to the last detail so that everything falls into place beautifully. Even if you’re not quite sure what your vision is yet, we can help you create one. That way, when you start looking at venues, you’ll have a crystal clear idea of whether a location fits into your vision.  

4| Backup Space

This is an especially important consideration if you’re getting married on the beach. It’s good to know the average rainfall during your chosen month. And, of course, it’s best not to plan a destination wedding in the middle of hurricane season (June-November). But no matter what season you’re hosting your wedding, make sure your venue has somewhere your guests can go in case the weather turns. 

5| Transformation Possibilities

Take into account how you or your wedding planner can enhance the venue space. Can it be transformed to fit your style, theme, and needs? Has this location been decorated for a wedding before?

If you have a big design vision, but there is very little room to work within the venue, it’s probably not a great fit. On the other hand, spaces that are like blank canvases or are flexible with design options are always a good bet.

6| Accessibility

The easier your venue is to get to, the more likely your guests will attend your destination wedding in the Bahamas. So consider things like flight times, direct or non-stop services, airport and hotel transportation, and on-site accessibility.

At Chic Bahamas, we’re happy to help you with all the travel logistics, from air travel and host hotel accommodations to ground transportation and more. We’ll make sure you and your guests get from point A to point B stress-free and happily!

7| Budget 

Your budget is one of the first things you create when you start wedding planning. Once finished, it will act as a foundation and a guide throughout the journey. And it will come in handy when you’re trying to decide between Bahama wedding venues.

Remember that creating a keeping a budget does not mean that you have to cut corners. Quite the opposite. Knowing your priorities and sticking to a budget will ensure that you spend your money wisely and get the wedding of your dreams. 

Beautiful Places to Get Married in the Bahamas

Some of the best places to get married in the Bahamas are the Out Islands, including Staniel Cay and Exuma Cays. The Out Islands make up 84% of the Bahamas and boast sun-drenched deserted beaches, tranquil sanctuaries, natural wonders, and wildlife.

You won’t find cruise ships or crowds here, but you will find quintessential tropical beauty in every shade of blue. If it’s true island life you’re looking for, the primitive, private, Out Islands are your dream come true.

The Cove Eleuthera 

Wedding venue in the Bahamas
Photo by Caroline Lima Photography
{hoto by Caroline Lima Photography

The Cove Eleuthera is a private luxury resort that just reopened its doors for 2022. And we couldn’t be more excited because this collection of villas situated between two white sand coves is a place like no other.

This hidden gem is located on the secluded Eleuthera Island and offers stunning outdoor spaces for your Bahama wedding. Walk down Barefoot Bluff – a private cape that extends out towards the sea – and exchange vows as the waves whip around you. Then host a seaside reception on one of the secluded beaches or in the lush Palm Court and Fire Garden. 

Extend your stay and enjoy your honeymoon in one of the oceanfront suites. Soak up all that the Bahamas has to offer, from snorkeling to boat excursions to hammock lounging. 

The Ocean Club Four Seasons

Wedding venue Ocean Club
Four Seasons
Photo by Donna Von Bruening

The Ocean Club on Paradise Island is a kaleidoscope of tropical Rococo romance, bringing every bride’s dream of a fairy tale wedding to life. Marie Antoinette would have felt right at home at this Four Seasons Resort with its serene Versailles Gardens, picturesque ponds, and sun-soaked stairways. 

If you’re anything like the late Queen of France, you’ll fall head over heels for The Ocean Club as you walk the stone pathway aisle to say your I dos. Then take a stroll through multi-tiered landscapes to an intimate garden venue where you and your guests will have a great view of the Nassau Harbor. 

The Rosewood Baha Mar

Photo by Alfred Anderson Weddings

Located in an enclave on Nassau’s Cable Beach, the Rosewood Baha Mar is a luxury resort that spans 3,000 feet of pristine white sand. Here, you’ll find elegance, sophistication, and unique indoor and lush tropical outdoor spaces to fit all of your wedding needs.

The Grand Salon can accommodate up to 500 guests and can easily be decorated to create the look you’re envisioning. Or take your ceremony and reception outdoors, where lush gardens and palm-dotted coastlines offer incredible backdrops for your beautiful Bahama wedding.

Grand Isle Resort and Spa

Wedding Venue in the Bahamas

It’s easy to have a beautiful beach wedding at the Grand Isle Resort. This Exuma wedding venue has a bounty of ceremony and reception areas where you can celebrate in true tropical style.

Walk down a powdery aisle of white sand and say your vows as waves gently lap in the background. Or have an unforgettable ceremony and reception at the 23 North Beach Club, where seaside style meets indoor comforts. You’ll have 30,000-square-feet to play with, Emerald Bay views, and a coral-stone patio where your guests can dance the night away. 

Private Villas

The Exuma Outpost, Forbes Hill, Little Exuma. Photo by Alfred Anderson Weddings
Wedding venue in the Bahamas - The Exuma Outpost
Photo by Alfred Anderson Weddings

Private villas are an excellent option if you’re planning a private wedding for up to 100 guests. You can find posh villas on charming Little Exuma. Villas such as the Exuma Outpost, Woodstar Beachhouse, The Salthouse Exuma, Sugar Beach Villa, and The Reef House Exuma. All of these offer beautiful tropical landscapes and gorgeous ocean backdrops for your wedding photos.

Get Help Choosing Your Bahamas Wedding Venue 

Planning a wedding from afar is far from easy – unless you have an experienced Bahama wedding planner by your side! Because we’ve lived and worked on these islands for many years, we know a thing or two about choosing the best wedding venues. We have personally toured and worked in hundreds of them, and we are happy to help you select the best option for your wedding. Get in touch!