A Dream Wedding in The Bahamas: Cove Eleuthera


A wedding in The Bahamas is one of the most important occasions a person witnesses in their life. It is like a milestone. It is a big day and not just for the bride. Everybody wants that this particular occasion to be one of the most memorable events of their lives.

One doesn’t have to do something luxurious or extravagant to make the day special and worth remembering. Most people want to choose a venue where they can have a dream wedding with their loved ones close by. A good venue can have a great impact on the atmosphere of this big day.

I have been arranging weddings in the Bahamas for quite some while now. It never fails to amaze me how the couples and their families just fall in love with beaches and spectacular views this place has to offer. The Bahamas has a wide variety of wedding appropriate venues. Today I am going to write about The Cove Eleuthera.

Views of The Cove Eleuthera

Wedding in The Bahamas

When it comes to beachfront resorts, the Bahamas does not disappoint. There is no lack of such beautiful resorts here and one of these is The Cove Eleuthera. You will witness white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and similar views that leave you awestruck.

I mentioned earlier that one does not have to be openly extravagant to have a memorable wedding in The Bahamas but The Cove Eleuthera offers natural luxury. The views themselves set the stage and there is serenity to the atmosphere that will just make you fall in love with the place.

Wedding in The Bahamas at The Cove Eleuthera

Wedding in The Bahamas

Photo: Mark DaCunha

The Bahamas is a collection of more than 700 islands and there is significant amount of resorts. People from all over the world travel to experience the alluring views the Bahamas has to offer. It is one of most popular vacation sites.

Arranging a wedding in the Bahamas at this beautiful place and the venues are always breath-taking. It is no wonder that The Cove Eleuthera has caught my eye and of many potential couples for having their wedding.

Why Have a Wedding at The Cove Eleuthera?

Wedding in The Bahamas

Photo: Mark DaCunha Photography

When I picture a wedding in The Bahamas at this venue, I can hear the waves crashing towards the shore. I can imagine looking towards the horizon and taking in the views of the water that transforms into shades of crystal blue. I imagine feeling the wind in my air and the sand between my toes.

Still looking for a Bahamas wedding venue?  Contact us today to plan your wedding at The Cove Eleuthera.