A Fabulous Destination Wedding Makeup Artist is a Must

Destination Wedding Makeup Artist

Every bride wants to look beautiful and feel confident on their special day. Hence, finding the right makeup artist for your destination wedding is almost as important as choosing the perfect Bahamas destination wedding venue. This is why at Chic Bahamas, we work with the best destination wedding makeup artists. We make sure you have the Bahamas destination wedding of your dreams.

One of our most cherished makeup artists is Karin Knowles, who is based in Exuma, Bahamas. Karin has been passionate about makeup since she was a young girl, discovering and trying out her mom’s red lipstick. Sounds cliché, but most of us who tried out our mom’s lipstick and loved it didn’t go on to become a professional makeup artist, helping brides have a magical day.

Destination wedding makeup artist

Makeup was Karin’s obsession. Right after high school, she went on to get a Diploma in Business, Esthetics, and Specialist Makeup Artistry from Canada’s leading makeup and special effects school. Thereafter, she worked at MAC Cosmetics for 20 years. There she had the opportunity to work with hundreds of different skin tones, ethnicities, and age groups.

Karin Knowles Makeup – Chic Bahamas Destination Wedding Makeup Artist

Destination wedding makeup artist

In 2009, Karin started her own business – Karin Knowles Makeup. An esthetics studio, the specialty is bridal beauty and is focused on offering quality makeup services to brides in Toronto. However, after getting married in the Bahamas, she and her husband (with roots from Long Island, Bahamas) decided to move from the bitter cold winters of Canada to start a new chapter in Exuma, Bahamas. And since then, destination wedding makeup has brought even more joy to the job she loves so much.

“There is something so special about being a part of one of the most important days in someone’s life.  The energy, excitement, and love in the air is a feeling like no other.” – Karin Knowles

When she isn’t helping a Bahamas destination wedding bride glam up for her big day, she collaborates on beauty photoshoots featuring the many beautiful faces on the Island. Also, she and her husband are avid boaters. Swimming, snorkeling, and exploring the beautiful turquoise waters of Exuma, Karin and her husband spend hours on the water. A huge animal lover and volunteer at the Humane Society in Exuma, Karin is dedicated to helping animals.

Karin Knowles Tip For Couples Planning To Get Married in the Bahamas

Destination wedding makeup artist

“I know firsthand how hectic and overwhelming it can be!  I’ve always recommended hiring a wedding planner to all my couples, but it becomes even more crucial for long-distance couples when planning a destination wedding.  Moreover, they can be a huge resource for you! As you begin to look for vendors, a wedding planner will have all the local contacts, talent, and valuable information to share with you!”

Get Your Chic Bahamas Destination Wedding Makeup Done By Karin Knowles

Chic Bahamas is committed to helping you host the Bahamas destination wedding of your dream, and that includes perfect makeup. This is why we use Karin Knowles for our Exuma, Bahamas destination wedding. Karin will create a flawless, naturally beautiful look using a palette of colors, textures, and pigment. Additionally, these complement our brides’ unique personality and complexion. Not to mention her calming presence and how she always makes our brides feel comfortable in their chair.

Are you planning a Bahamas destination wedding at Exuma Bahamas? Contact us at Chic Bahamas today to make your special day truly magical with the best vendors, like destination wedding makeup artist, Karin Knowles.