A Recession Proof Wedding in The Bahamas

A common misconception about weddings on tropical islands is the seemingly overwhelming cost. Weddings can be quite expensive as it is, but a wedding in the Bahamas of all places sounds like it would be overload.

This infographic does a fantastic job of debunking this myth; a wedding in the Bahamas actually costs around 11% less on average compared to a typical wedding!


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A Recession Proof Wedding in The Bahamas

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We’re grateful to report Hurricane Dorian did not directly impact Chic BahamasWeddings HQ. While it’s business as usual around here, we’d like to extend our love and support to our neighboring islands who were so greatly affected by this devastating storm.

Our friends at The Baha Mar Foundation have an easy way to support those in Grand Bahama and The Abacos by providing food, shelter and medicine. Please follow the link in our bio to donate to this worthy cause. 100% of the proceeds donated will go directly to helping those in need.


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