The Advantages of Using a Wedding Planner for Destination Weddings

Few things are more beautiful than a destination wedding in a tropical location. The sand beneath your feet, the gentle breeze coming off the ocean, and the warmth of friends and loved ones are all special aspects. However, there are hundreds of moving parts happening behind the scenes. If you are planning a destination wedding on your own, be wary. You may be overlooking something or overextending yourself. Consider the advantages of hiring a wedding planner.

Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself

Planning a wedding without professional assistance is overwhelming. A hometown wedding presents enough challenges. But, add a tropical destination to the equation, and you officially need the help of a wedding planner. Some couples have visited their destination prior to the wedding, but most have never traveled to the Bahamas before their wedding. Therefore, trying to properly organize the details of the most important day of your lives from a faraway location is uniquely difficult.

Let an expert handle the communicating, organizing, and finalizing of details for the day. The bride and groom, along with their families, will be sheltered from the unavoidable stress of planning the wedding alone.

Miscalculations Are Easy Mistakes to Make

Without a wedding planner, it’s difficult to know how to prepare for the number of guests you invite. Calculating how much food to order, how many programs to print, and how many chairs to rent becomes complicated for inexperienced couples. Event planning is a science, and planners have specific methods for determining how to accurately project the number of supplies necessary.

Larger Risk of Going Over Budget

Planning destination weddings
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Vendors quickly take advantage of naïve couples unsure of what exactly they need for their wedding day. A vendor will make their service seem like a necessity when it is actually useless for a destination wedding. After establishing a budget, certain elements take priority over others. Catering is more important than a photo booth, and quality photography is more important than expensive tuxedos.

However, without proper instruction, couples can get manipulated into spending money on unnecessary things. Developing an accurate budget is even more important for a destination wedding; therefore, hiring the services of a wedding planner will avoid the headache of reorganizing finances later in the planning.

Extra Stress Is Bad for the Bride

Most couples are still working full-time jobs while planning their nuptials. Between the stress of a job, spending time together as a couple outside wedding planning, and being your own wedding planner, brides inevitably fall under more stress than they would with the help of a planner. Additional stress can cause unwanted tension in relationships surrounding the couple, whether with friends or parents.

Day-of Details Need Delegation

On the big day, brides shouldn’t be responsible for running last minute errands, finding the flower girl’s dress, or organizing the setup of the food tables. These day-of details should be delegated to the appropriate people, but brides often don’t have time to identify trustworthy people to help them finalize last-minute arrangements. Again, this results in unwanted stress.

Wedding Planners Save the Day

Destination Weddings

Hiring a wedding planner almost completely eliminates these problems. Before deciding on the planner, interview a handful of options to see who has the most experience with Bahamas destination weddings. Finding someone familiar with local vendors, cost-effective ideas, and experienced with coordinating events in foreign locations will help every process of wedding planning go more smoothly.

Although the extra cost seems counterintuitive towards meeting your original budget, a wedding planner ultimately saves money by recommending cheaper vendors, accurately calculating numbers, and much more.

Expert Knowledge Makes Everything Go Smoother

A wedding planner’s primary focus in life is making weddings successful. While you are busy working a job, maintaining the relationship with your partner, and making necessary decisions about your future, the wedding planner is only concerned with making your day perfect. That’s it!

Finding a planner especially experienced with destination weddings will help you locate better floral designers, caterers, and DJs. Allowing someone else to take charge of the details will help you enjoy the process of wedding planning much more. Let the planner lay the foundation, and you simply get to add the final touches.

Experience with Destination Weddings Helps Avoid Problems

After choosing the perfect Bahamas wedding venue, a wedding planner will work closely with various contacts at the location to coordinate each aspect of the big day. Each detail will receive meticulous attention to help every element operate seamlessly on the wedding day.

Brides also avoid dealing with any last-minute disasters. Weddings are subject to mishaps like any other planned event. Fortunately, wedding planners are prepared to handle emergencies. Moreover, they have techniques for rebuilding toppled wedding cakes, stitching up a tear in the groom’s suit, and other unplanned events.

Extra Support for All Parties

The bride and groom aren’t the only individuals benefitting from the presence of a wedding planner. Parents, groomsmen, and friends can all approach the planner with questions about the event. Having a point person to intercept these inquiries saves the couple from spending their special time answering small questions from dozens of people.

Make More Time for Relaxing

A destination wedding is designed for optimum relaxation for all parties. From the guests who travel to celebrate to the couple preparing to unite their lives in marriage, a few days in the Bahamas should be spent relaxing in beach hammocks, swimming in clear blue water, and eating fresh seafood. A wedding planner makes this type of vacation possible.

Destination Weddings: Enjoy the Big Day More

Many resorts in the Bahamas are equipped to make wedding planning easy for the bride and groom. At Chic Bahamas Weddings, we provide planning, production, and management services to help couples enjoy the process of preparing for their day. In addition, we help create a fairytale wedding by the sea.

Finally, don’t bypass hiring a wedding planner to save costs. Stay calm and focus on the importance of your decision instead of worrying about the flowers or the seating arrangements. Wedding planners spend their lives organizing these details, so hand us the reins and enjoy the ride! Contact us today for more information on Bahamas destination weddings.

Reviews From Our Couples

Rebecca Marie says of her Bahamas wedding planner: “Chic Bahamas Weddings met and far exceeded my expectations for my wedding! I never dreamed of having a wedding when I was a little girl, so when I knew I was going to have one I knew I wanted one where I could relax and not spend my whole year planning the tiny individual details. So what’s better than having someone else arrange it in another country??

“My ultimate experience was all about everyone having a nice vacation and enjoying my family and friend time with no stress about details that only I knew about, and that is exactly what I got! Marva really seemed to go above and beyond. I was worried that she specialized in resort weddings and might not be equipped for my secluded location wedding, however she rocked it. I was 30 minutes outside of Freeport, and she still made 3 trips in the week to make sure that we were 100% okay. When the wedding day came, all vendors showed up and actually seemed to care about their product. It rained in the morning, and they were all so quick to protect everything until the rain stopped. When Marva came in she was on the ball directing everything to be perfectly coordinated, between the steel pan players, the DJ, the chef, the officiant, the AMAZING photographer WilGrant, the lights, and the flowers nothing missed a beat.

“I know that having a wedding planner that you have never met in a country that you may or may not have ever gone to arranging your wedding is kind of frightening. ( The whole year I had a nightmare in the back of my mind that I would arrive in the Bahamas and never be able to get a hold of her) But relax, she really does have it!!! Do your job of making your pins, pick your dress, choose your location ( I recommend a private house over a public resort) and pay Chic Bahamas Weddings and you will NOT regret it!!! It was the best day of my life, and amazingly beautiful! I will never be able to say thank you enough to Marva and wish I could live the day over and over and over again.”