The Art of the Tropical Reception: Your Bahamas Wedding

Planning a Bahamas beach wedding reception isn’t terribly different from planning the average reception. The main difference, obviously, is that your celebration will take place on the beach! There are a number of essential components to a wedding reception, which often depend on location. In this case, an outdoor tropical location requires unique decorations and specific planning ideas.

Party Favors for Guests

Bahamas Beach Wedding: Planning the Perfect After Party

Whether or not guests are arriving to your wedding from far away, it’s important to offer party favors. Because you’ll be hosting a destination wedding, consider putting a few favors together in a small, elegant arrangement. Personalized wine glasses, starfish bottle openers, nautical-themed coasters, and personalized cotton tote bags are all great keepsakes that your guests can use again and again. Tie everything together in a small burlap favor bag to keep to the theme intact.

Necessary Staff

Bahamas Beach Wedding: Planning the Perfect After Party

There are a number of essential staff members for your beach wedding reception. The individuals who fill these positions are counting on your preference and input from your wedding planner. Here are some we highly recommend:

  • Videographer. The biggest regret amongst recently wed couples is the lack of a videographer – while no couple has ever complained of having one. Nowadays, wedding videos are more cinematographic than ever before, and the right videographer will capture the elegance of your beautiful Bahamas beach wedding reception while simultaneously cutting down on the “cheese” factor.
  • Photographer. A wedding photographer is extremely important, as he or she will ensure you have a visual reminder of the event to last forever. The best photographers will keep up with the latest trends, such as keeping up with your Instagram #hashtag. It may be tempting to have a friend shoot your wedding, but you’ll almost universally enjoy a much higher quality set of photos by hiring a professional.

An aside: with both photographers and videographers, you should discuss which types of photos or scenes you want documented. Point out particular details of the wedding beforehand to avoid disappointment after you get your footage back.

  • Bartender. For your reception, you’ll have to decide between an open bar, a cash bar, or a different way to serve alcohol. Regardless, you’ll need someone to do the serving. For an outdoor beach wedding, consider serving champagne or another classy beverage as your guests arrive to the party.
  • Caterer. A wedding reception, no matter the location, needs to have food. There are numerous types of meals to choose from for your Bahamas beach wedding reception. We’re huge fans of the Flying Fish restaurant in Freeport, which offers both catering and private dining options.
  • Music. Wedding reception entertainment can either involve a live band or a disc jockey. Be sure to book entertainment well in advance. The most important consideration is what type of music you want at your reception. A band will usually either have a wide repertoire or a specific skill in one type of music, so consider exactly what you want.

On the other hand, a professional DJ is a highly appealing option. Either way, you’ll have to tell your musicians which songs are most important. What song do you want for your first dance? What should be playing while you dance with your parents?

  • Banquet manager. Perhaps the most important member of your wedding reception’s staff, a banquet manager or similar senior staff member will be available throughout the wedding day. He or she will pay attention to all relevant details and will be available should any small mishaps occur. Notably, at Chic Bahamas Weddings we never schedule two events on the same day, so your special day will always have our full attention.

An Enjoyable Experience for Everyone

Bahamas Beach Wedding: Planning the Perfect After Party

The wedding reception is for both the couple and the guests to enjoy. When guests are fatigued, they feel restless, annoyed, tired, and hungry. This amount of discomfort can cause problems at your event, so avoid irritability by making the reception an event for all to cherish.

It’s always important to impose some order. For example, placing a limit on who can give toasts as well as how long the toasts will run will save the reception from becoming long, rambling, and boring.

After the reception, it’s okay if you want the party to keep going. If anything, your friends and family may encourage an after party! If your reception was on the waterfront, you may want to move the after party inside. If so, be sure to book the space beforehand.

Expect to serve guests both lunch and dinner. This is especially true for destination weddings, because your guests will have footed a number of bills already. Providing meals on the day of the wedding will let them know their presence is appreciated.

It’s critical to consider how you plan to entertain the kids. Offer a space for them to chill out with movies and other fun activities, or designate someone to supervise while they spend some time splashing around in the waves.

The Planning Process

Are you planning a Bahamas beach wedding reception? Our planners at Chic Bahamas Weddings can help relieve the stress while paying attention to important details. Often, enjoyment rests in the particulars. Your guests shouldn’t have to experience minor annoyances, which is why a designer can help ensure everything works smoothly.

We’ve recently partnered with Maypop Design, an exquisite wedding decorator, to guarantee your wedding is as beautiful as can be. Maypop Design offers many beautiful and unique accents, including lanterns and chair setup.

Maypop Design also specializes in flower arrangements that are made to last. Keepsakes like kissing balls and boutonnières are arranged from silk flowers in fresh color schemes. Designers Susan Chitwood and Nita Lee Roberts are visual arts specialists who love working with luxurious fabrics and trim.

If you’re not sure where to get started on your Bahamas beach wedding reception, Chic Bahamas Weddings can help. We want to make sure all guests are taken care of throughout the entire process, and we are available to manage catering, photographers, videographers, and more.