Bahamas Beach Wedding: 5 Things To Know Before Getting Your Toes Sandy

Bahamas Beach Wedding

We all know what the ideal Bahamas beach wedding looks like. You and your partner on the sandy beach, the sunset being your only light, and the wind serving your photographer as his best assistant.

This is one of the Bahamas wedding packages most couples go after because of the breezy and relaxed atmosphere. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and planning a wedding in the Bahamas that is not set in a traditional venue, beach weddings are more than just a trend now.

However, not every beach-themed wedding goes the same way as your expectations. As a wedding planner in the Bahamas, our experience has let us learn that there are lots of things to consider when planning the perfect Bahamas beach wedding. Today, we list them below.

1. The ‘Public Vs. Private’ Beach Wedding Question

Bahamas Beach Wedding

The first and foremost question that you and your partner need to ask yourselves is the location of your Bahamas beach wedding. The arguments over the rights to sand have been there for decades, and planning a wedding on the Bahamas on your own may definitely put you into an uncomfortable position with the ‘owner’ of the beach – who sometimes appears to be the public surrounding you.

After all, you just wanted privacy and seclusion for your closest ones, right?

Well, what is why Bahamas wedding planners are for – and how our team can help you unite with the sand, breeze and horizon.

2. What Happens With The Ceremony – and Reception (or both?)

Bahamas Beach Wedding

There is a major difference between a ceremony on the beach that follows a reception in a space like a hall, restaurant etc. – and a Bahamas beach wedding space that packs all of your nearest and dearest friends and family.

The best way to know what type of Bahamas wedding suits you better – is obviously – a free consultation with our Bahamas beach wedding planners. The truth is, there are tons of permits and ordinances that may vary when it comes to the type of gathering your Bahamas wedding is categorized as. Whether there is food and drinks involved, whether you are roping off a particular part of the beach or are moving the party somewhere else-  such questions are best left to a professional Bahamas wedding planner.

3. Your Guests And Their Comfort

Bahamas Beach Wedding

A Bahamas beach wedding sounds very nice. But what happens with the actual planning and order of seating? Or maybe standing?

There are a lot of questions and issues that may arise when it comes to your guests. For example, the older generation finds accessibility to a your beach wedding hard – and obviously the best solution to make it a breeze for them as well is to contact a wedding planner.

It is important to see how many guests your wedding will pack and plan everything ahead. Whether your guests are sitting or standing – the beach definitely adds a layer of difficulty when it comes to planning it yourself.

4. Music, Ambiance And Amplification

Who needs a music band or singer – when you have the waves on-demand at your Bahamas beach wedding, right?

A thing that many couples don’t know is that waves can be loud. And the wind can be strong. In such cases, the atmosphere of your perfect Bahamas wedding goes beyond its limits and starts to feel like a bad decision from the start. Obviously, this is only if you don’t have it planned out ahead.

With a Bahamas wedding planner, you can always find a nice space where the wind is light, the waves can’t be heard and where you can comfortably speak – instead of yelling and holding your gown.

5. Bahamas Beach Wedding: What Season To Choose?

Last but not the least is the beach season discussion. As you probably know, the Bahamas are a luxury destination for weddings and as such, packed with tourists and couples at all times. With that, the beaches are becoming more crowded, the permits are becoming more difficult to obtain and the patrolling by the local authorities is getting more intense.

The truth is, if you are not living there, you won’t know when is the right time to book your Bahamas beach wedding. Still, with the help of a professional wedding planner, you will figure out everything from the start – and pick the best season, timing and space and make your wedding a truly special ceremony.

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