Bahamas Destination Wedding Venue Spotlight: Grand Isle Resort and Spa &The Ocean Club Four Seasons

Bahamas Wedding Location

When it comes to romantic destination weddings, the Bahamas offers numerous spectacular spots to host dream weddings. However, this wide range of Bahamas destination wedding venues can make it overwhelming to select the right place to celebrate your wedding day with your loved ones. Hence, we’ve created this ultimate guide to spotlight two of the most amazing Bahamas venues to host a perfect Bahamas dream wedding.

Grand Isle Resort & Spa, Great Exuma

Bahamas Wedding Exuma Location
23 North Grand Isle Resort & Spa, the perfect outdoor location for your Bahamas Wedding

The Grand Isle Resort & Spa is one of the most breathtaking places on Emerald Bay, Great Exuma, to host your dream Bahamas destination wedding. With its top-of-the-line villas, secluded beach, and luxurious beach club, this grand resort is a paradise of destination wedding venues for a memorable ceremony. What’s more, beyond the sheer beauty of the Exuma water surrounding the resort, you and your guests can experience an adventure of a lifetime, encountering a variety of stunning, exotic creatures.

Getting to the Grand Isle Resort & Spa is straightforward. There are direct flights to the Exuma International airport (GGT) from the U.S. and Canada, and the resort is just a 15-minute car ride from the airport. You and your guests can stay at the 1- to 4-bedroom luxury villas at the resort and enjoy the high-end amenities, including pampering spa sessions for the girls and world-class golfing for the boys. There’s also the choice of just hosting your wedding ceremony at the Grand Isle Resort & Spa, while you or your guests stay somewhere else.

Bride and groom stroll at Welcome Dinner on Emerald Bay Beach, Grand Isle Resort. Photo: Caroline Lima Photography.
Oceanside Barbecue on Emerald Bay Beach to welcome guests at your Exuma wedding. Photo: Caroline Lima Photography.

After your wedding party is settled in, you can organize a rehearsal dinner or throw a bachelor/bachelorette’s party at the resort’s Emerald Bay Beach, one of the most beautiful in Exuma. Surrounded by remarkable seascapes, you and your guests can enjoy an amazing Bahamian Buffet. You can also have a bonfire party on your wedding eve to kick-start the celebration with your guests.

And, they’re married! Photo: Caroline Lima Photography.
Ceremony on the Bridge, 23 North, Grand Isle Resort & Spa. Photo by Ryann Lindsey Photography.

For your wedding ceremony, there are several options to explore. You can have a complete beach wedding, walking down the aisle and having an alfresco wedding reception on the powdery white sands of the secluded beach, and surrounded by the incredible turquoise water. Alternatively, you can exchange your vows at The Bridge at 23 North, perched above the glistening waters of Emerald Bay. the beach, or the 14th Tee of The Emerald Golf Course. Then host a grand wedding party on the Terrace of 23 North, overlooking the elegant landscape of Emerald Bay. 

Outdoor Reception Dinner at 23 North, Grand Isle Resort and Spa. Photo: Caroline Lima Photography.

Also, next to the Grand Isle Resort infinity pool is the Palapa Grill, which you can combine with the upper pool deck to accommodate a large guest list. For a more private wedding, the Overlook Palapa and the Ocean View Terrace offer a more intimate setting. After your wedding ceremony, you can stay back for a romantic honeymoon getaway, enjoying the resort’s luxury amenities and going on exciting adventures. Activities to explore include swimming with sharks, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and sailing.

The Ocean Club Four Seasons

If your dream is to have an enchanting wedding that is the stuff of fairytales, then the Ocean Club Four Seasons is the Bahamas destination wedding venue for you. Located on Paradise Island, with a splendid view of the Nassau Harbor, this alluring resort has a magical setting that will bring your dream fairytale wedding to life. It offers the glamorous ambiance of a grand colonial manor, complete with elegant stone pathways and quirky Cupid and Psyche statues.

When you and your guest arrive at the Ocean Club, you can enjoy a meal at one of the resort’s restaurants. There is also a world-class golf course, several swimming pools and tennis courts and other relaxation amenities. You and your bridal train can indulge in a full spa service, including massages, facials, and body scrubs, at the resort’s on-site treatment room. The resort also offers oceanfront accommodation, including spacious guest rooms and villas with direct views of the crystal clear water.

The Ocean Club resort offers four stunning venues to host amazing wedding ceremonies. The Versailles Garden, the main wedding venue in the resort, has an artistry surrounding with lush multi-tiered lawns of purple bougainvillea blooms, manicured hedges, and tiered stone walls. You can walk down the aisle on the stone pathways and exchange your vows by the Koi fish pond at the top of the stair-stepped garden. Then, host a private ceremony for a small wedding party in the tranquil corners of the Garden, or a large wedding gala on the expansive lawn.  

Glamorous Versailles Terrace Four Seasons Ocean Club Bahamas Wedding. Photo courtesy of Lyndah Wells Photography.

The Cloisters, which is perched atop the Versailles Pool Terrace, is another premier venue for wedding ceremonies at the resort. The picturesque columns and 12th-century Augustinian cloisters make it look like a romantic setting out of a historical movie. The Versailles Pool Terrace, with the beautiful view of the vibrant green tiers of the Versailles Garden, is also a great venue for an elegant wedding reception. And, if you prefer a beach wedding, you can say “I do” on the sparsely-crowded beach, and have your reception on the resort’s Beach Deck, with an unparalleled view of Caribbean turquoise waters on full display.

After your wedding ceremony, you can stay on for a swoon-worthy honeymoon. You and your spouse can wake up to breakfast on your private balcony, enjoy up to eight Bali-inspired spa treatment, and explore the colorful underwater wonders of the reefs of the Great Bahamas Bank. You can also go on island adventures, including snorkeling safaris and sunset cruise, or just snuggle with your partner in the secluded nooks and seaside hammocks on the resort.

Host A Luxury Resort Bahamas Destination Wedding

No doubt, the Grand Isle Resort and Spa, Exuma and the Ocean Club Four Seasons are top-notch luxury resorts with spectacular venues for amazing destination Bahamas weddings. And, when you work with a professional Bahamas wedding planner like Chic Bahamas, you can celebrate the best day of your life with your family and loved ones without worrying about every tiny detail.

At Chic Bahamas, we will work with you to plan your dream wedding at the Grand Isle Resort and Spa or the Ocean Club Four Seasons that your guests won’t soon forget. We will ensure that the ceremony is personalized to suit your personality and desired style and that all your wedding day wishes come true. You can contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can make your wedding day an unforgettable experience.