Bahamas Private Island Weddings

Destination wedding in Bahamas

Having a destination wedding set against the backdrop of your very own private island in the Bahamas unveils a truly enchanting way to embrace one of life’s most exquisite moments in absolute seclusion. Your wedding day deserves to be an unforgettable celebration, and choosing a private island as the venue ensures memories that will linger for a lifetime.

Liberated from the bustling tourist crowds that traverse the islands, your perfect wedding venue materializes beside the azure-hued waters of the magnificent Bahamian shoreline. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of these idyllic islands, where the sun-kissed beaches and the embrace of nature become witnesses to your special day and the beginning of a lifelong commitment. 

If you want a secluded and private island wedding in the Bahamas, our seasoned Bahamas wedding planners stand ready to meticulously orchestrate every detail. Connect with us for further insights or continue reading this article for inspiration on crafting an unforgettable private Bahamas wedding.

Staniel Cay

First up, is the beautiful island of Staniel Cay, a hidden gem in the Exuma Cays of the Bahamas, and an island you won’t want to miss.

As seasoned wedding planners specializing in Bahamas weddings, we invite couples to consider the unique charm of hosting their special day on this intimate island. 

Staniel Cay, known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, offers a serene backdrop for your romantic celebration. Imagine exchanging vows on secluded shores, and then inviting your guests to explore the famous swimming pigs at Big Major Cay, or snorkeling in the breathtaking Thunderball Grotto for your post-wedding celebrations. 

With its small and quaint atmosphere, Staniel Cay provides a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure, making it an ideal choice for an unforgettable wedding experience. 

Let the Staniel Cay Yacht Club and nearby attractions set the stage for your intimate celebration, 

Staniel Cay Yacht Club is an ideal setting for a romantic wedding celebration. Located in the picturesque northern Exuma Cays, this boutique hotel offers not only a waterfront playground but also a vibrant atmosphere that resonates with boating enthusiasts. With a romantic restaurant and a seaman’s bar.

Royal Island

Within a 15-minute private boat journey from North Eleuthera, lies a 430-acre sanctuary known as Royal Island. This private island in the Bahamas stands out for its exclusive and private nature, offering a secluded escape away from the crowds. What sets it apart is the meticulous design of its accommodations, featuring five luxury beachfront bungalows that can host a total of 18 guests that blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the surroundings. 

The pristine white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, and lush landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for intimate weddings, making it a dream destination for couples seeking seclusion and romance. 

The island’s commitment to providing excellent amenities and personalized experiences ensures that guests can enjoy a truly opulent and unique retreat

What to expect

For those craving VIP indulgence, look no further.

Royal Island allows guests to revel in the seamless services of a world-class private chef and an around-the-clock onsite manager. Couples and guests can delight in bespoke culinary creations with tailored menus and a complimentary premium pour bar. 

And what better way to improve your celebration by entertaining guests with an array of watersports, incredible snorkeling excursions, and, of course, the iconic experience of swimming with the pigs at Meek Path. Your wedding on Royal Island in the Bahamas promises an unforgettable, luxury-laden experience.

Little Exuma

At Chic Bahamas Weddings, we have planned many weddings on Exuma islands and the charm of Little Exuma never ceases to amaze us.

Situated within the Exuma district of the Bahamas, Little Exuma is a small but captivating island exuding natural beauty and historical charm. Perfect for an intimate wedding party.

Spanning just 12 square miles, this picturesque destination boasts rolling green hills, beautiful floral landscapes, and quaint accommodation. Renowned for its cinematic history, with scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean filmed here.

This island has ruins of 1700s plantation buildings and boasts Cancer Beach, famous for its pristine sands and sapphire blue waters.

Little Exuma provides an intimate and tranquil setting, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a secluded wedding experience. 

Traveling to Little Exuma

Exuma, a prime destination for a luxurious Bahamas wedding, boasts convenient accessibility through direct non-stop flights from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Atlanta, and Charlotte. Alternatively, you can opt for a seamless journey by flying into Nassau and taking a brief flight to the island. For an added touch of elegance, consider a picturesque sail to Exuma on a private boat or indulge in the luxury of chartering airplane service for you and your guests. Exuma welcomes couples with straightforward marriage requirements, ensuring a hassle-free experience as you embark on your dream destination wedding.

Andros: A Bahamas Private Island Wedding Destination

Wedding. on Andros. Lyndah Wells Photography

Andros Island, the largest and most pristine of the Bahamian islands, beckons discerning couples seeking a luxurious and secluded destination for their dream wedding.

With its untouched landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and serene atmosphere, Andros provides a natural paradise for those who appreciate authentic, unspoiled beauty. In fact, it’s frequently referred to by the locals as ‘the sleeping giant’ due to its peaceful setting.

After you’ve exchanged vows on the beautifully serene shores and celebrated your ceremony, there are an array of activities for you and your guests to enjoy. 

From the world-renowned Andros Barrier Reef to the captivating blue holes and lush pine forests, this island offers a unique blend of natural wonders. With a low population and a rich cultural heritage, Andros ensures an intimate and exclusive setting for couples desiring a truly luxurious and authentic Bahamian wedding experience.

Kamalame Cay

Holding your wedding ceremony at Kamalame Cay feels like stepping into a fantasy.

This 96-acre multi-award winning private island off Andros’ central coast, is an idyllic haven which seamlessly combines refined luxury, island simplicity, and Caribbean vibrancy.

This idyllic island is no newcomer to hosting opulent destination weddings, showcasing expertise in orchestrating enchanting ceremonies, sophisticated dining affairs, and chic cocktail parties. Couples often choose this destination for its meticulous attention to the culinary experience, offering fresh and exquisite dishes that leave guests thoroughly impressed.

For an opulent travel experience, the most economical route to get to this stunning island is to fly through Nassau. Nassau boasts numerous daily flights from the US, then upon arrival in Nassau, seamlessly connect to a domestic service either within the airport or on the local side of the runway. The flight will depart from Nassau to Fresh Creek, which is the closest airport. 

It’s important to note that flight times are subject to the constraints of sunrise and sunset, as planes are restricted from flying domestically in the Bahamas after sunset or before sunrise.

Caerula Mar

Caerula Mar Club graces ten exclusive acres of oceanfront property nestled along the eastern shore of South Andros in the Bahamas.

As the newest hotel to debut on the pristine South Andros island in the Bahamas in almost two decades, Caerula Mar Club boasts a refined design that sets it apart from most other Bahamian hotels.

Accommodating idyllic receptions for up to 60 guests, it’s the ultimate wedding destination for couples who value class and sophistication. 

Whether you envision a casual ceremony, an extravagant soiree or a cozy, intimate reception, this exquisite venue can accommodate your desires. With oceanfront event spaces and pristine accommodations nestled amidst white sands, turquoise waters, and towering palms, Caerula Mar Club is a splendid choice for a Bahamian wedding.

To arrive at this enchanting destination you’ll embark on a journey by flying into Nassau, followed by a scenic puddle jumper flight to Congo Town International, the island’s airport. Alternatively, you can opt for a direct flight on a private plane from Fort Lauderdale for added convenience.

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