Bahamas Wedding Photographer

Bahamas Wedding photograpaher Erik Mosvold, who just recently relocated back to Grand Bahama Island, has been commissioned by couples around the US to photograph their weddings.  Today, we feature a sampling of this photographer’s amazing work shot at Erik’s secret Beach, one of Grand Bahama Island’s many pristine, secluded beaches

Erik sleeping bride

A Bahamian, Erik has lived and worked in the US, Canada and Europe.  He lives on a beautiful farm in Freetown, East Grand Bahama with his wife and three cats.  An ardent gardener, he also enjoys cooking.

Erik is sincere, thoughtful, honest and real.

Educated in photography while working at studios, Erik has taken classes from top wedding photographers in the world.  He was the official photographer for John Robert Powers in Florida for three years.  Here, he learned make-up artistry and shot school models including a few famous ones.  He has worked at companies such as Franklin Mint, Kodak and Dupont, among others.


We’re grateful to report Hurricane Dorian did not directly impact Chic BahamasWeddings HQ. While it’s business as usual around here, we’d like to extend our love and support to our neighboring islands who were so greatly affected by this devastating storm.

Our friends at The Baha Mar Foundation have an easy way to support those in Grand Bahama and The Abacos by providing food, shelter and medicine. Please follow the link in our bio to donate to this worthy cause. 100% of the proceeds donated will go directly to helping those in need.


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