Bahamas Wedding Cost: 5 Things Most Wedding Planners Won’t Tell You

Bahamas Wedding Cost

What is the cost of a wedding in the Bahamas? From how much do the Bahamas wedding packages start? Can I have an affordable wedding in the Bahamas? Is the Bahamas wedding cost going to rip me off?

These are some of the questions that couples ask us before booking their wedding. Surprisingly, the answers that we give them positively exceed their expectations. That is mostly because each couple lives up to the expectations that a destination wedding in the Caribbean must be costly. While in reality, our all inclusive Bahamas wedding packages are tailored to anyone’s budget and can be planned in less than three weeks.

Still, Bahamas weddings are often tricky and a business that is full of details. While some brides choose to leave them to the experts, others are curious and want to see how their Bahamas wedding planner will carry them out. In most cases, it’s pretty normal for wedding planners to keep the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with couples and keep a lid on some information to prevent overreactions or worries.

Not every Bahamas wedding planner will let you know about…

However, not every Bahamas wedding planner is the same and there are some things that just can’t be kept under the lid when it comes to your wedding. Below, we are share the most important ones.

1. Bahamas Wedding Cost: The full cost of the wedding (including extras!)

Let’s face it – there are a lot of planners who play the Bahamas wedding cost game differently. The main idea of a Bahamas wedding should be to come up with a cost upfront.  The couple can then review the offer and settles for it. More importantly, that cost should include everything like extra decorations, meals, drinks etc.

Unfortunately, not every Bahamas wedding planner is experienced enough to settle for an offer like this.  In reality, most of them will want to charge you for additional items or services that you are unaware of.

2. Something going wrong

Bahamas Wedding Cost

Producing an entire special event to the smallest detail is a hard job for every planner. Whether it’s a Bahamas bachelorette party, a bachelor party or even a luxurious honeymoon in the Caribbean, when things go wrong it’s hard to cover them up.

No matter how sharp or adept at problem prevention your Bahamas wedding planner is.  We all know that hiccups occur and you can’t get away from them. However, instead of covering them up – your planner should be able to clearly communicate the problems with you and find a mutual solution.

3. Their connections

It’s pretty obvious that wedding planners have their connections. After all, weddings are a business and there is nothing wrong with that. Obviously, most of the wedding planners in the Bahamas try to cover up their connections into thinking that you are all meeting for the first time – just so you don’t think that your Bahamas wedding cost is a planned pie with slices for everyone.

There is actually nothing wrong with having connections with everyone. The florist to the booking manager and the reception team are great contacts. In fact, this will help and make your Bahamas wedding a true breeze.  You know that you are working with a team that is synchronized and ready to solve any problem that may occur.

4. They might not be qualified as you think

Although the majority of planners out there are experienced and very talented in their chosen profession, there are still newbies who cannot clearly communicate things.  These things include your Bahamas wedding cost, the level of detail and organization included in the price. Since there are no requirements or licenses necessary to become a Bahamas wedding planner, anyone can take advantage of this profession and ‘organize a wedding of your dreams’.

5.  They never dealt with a crisis

As much as they can be hectic, crisis are still a part of wedding planning in the Bahamas and basically every destination out there. Still, on the day on your wedding you should be focused on things like hair styling, makeup, attire, gown, hairstyle and even your special speech. All that while your Bahamas wedding planner is handling the last-minute crises that come out of nowhere.

In the end, the difference between a great wedding planner in the Bahamas and a less experienced one lies exactly in their ability to handle crises. From floral arrangements to decorations to keeping the guests comfortable, a great wedding planner always knows how to handle these things.  A good wedding planner covers all your bases before and after you say your favorite ‘I do’.