Bahamas Wedding Planning Inspection

Bahamas Wedding Planning Inspection

Visiting the Bahamas soon on a destination wedding site inspection?  Before your Bahamas wedding planning inspection, very early on, narrow down your island of choice for hosting your wedding.  With so many islands to choose from, often time, this choice is based on length of travel, ease of getting to the destination and ideal venue.  In all likelihood, the choice is Nassau, Exuma or Eleuthera. 


And, an intended host hotel has also been identified.  Chic Bahamas Weddings would have also reserved your accommodations at the intended wedding weekend host hotel.  Additionally, we have scheduled an airport transfer to the host wedding resort.


Bahamas Wedding Planning Inspection

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To kick off organization of your visit, Chic Bahamas Weddings creates a timeline based on your goals and objectives for the visit.  This visit will help brides and grooms to visualize wedding weekend dreams.  See our wedding dreams post.



Bahamas Wedding Day Performance Fuel Tips

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On day one, we’ll meet shortly after the couple’s arrival.  During this time, we sit to discuss the couple vision, style and high priority items.  Next, we do a walk through the host hotel for their wedding.   (They’re also staying at the same hotel in most instances).  Then, we move to venues where the ceremony and reception dinner will take place.  Both are in the same location … easy for guests on wedding night.


Next our our agenda will be a food tasting of selected items the bride and groom have chosen, followed by a cake tasting.  Couples will meet potential on-island professional photographers, DJs and floral designers – all part of your Bahamas wedding planning inspection.


A visit to potential locations for a rehearsal dinner is also on our agenda.


The following day, to wrap it all up, we meet once more so that I may answer any questions the couple may have.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you to plan, design and produce your very special occasion.