Bahamas Wedding: Tips for Hosting Your Second Wedding in Style

Couples marrying for the second time choose to celebrate this special occasion with children, and select close family and friends.  The glamour of a first time wedding with designer wedding dress and a huge guest list are done with … couples are ready for an intimate, laid-back, low-key affair.  An event with simple elements that you may not have had for your first time wedding are all that’s desired.

Whatever elements you choose for your second “I Do”, make it a truly special event for you, your family, and close friends. Plan a destination celebration in the Bahamas to marry the second time around. This ceremony may be even better than your original wedding. Imagine tying the knot on a sandy beach with the sun setting behind you, or surrounded by the lush flowers of a tropical island garden. What could be more romantic at a second wedding?

How to Include Your Children at your Second Wedding?

Make Your Second Wedding Special in the Bahamas

When a couple decides make a second trip down the aisle, children play a major role.  In addition to their public exchange of vows, children participate in the ceremony, too.   Younger children from a previous marriage are flower girls or ring bearers; older children are typically the best man or maid of honor.  Or, sons give away their mothers; daughters may give their mother away.

Promises are made to children as part of the vows. Children say vows of their own.  Some couples have given children a special piece of jewelry … bracelet, necklace, ring … at the time the bride and groom exchange vows.

What Happens During the Ceremony?

 Write your own special vows so that they include your children … commitments they will live up to as a family.  You can make the event very personal. Choose a close friend or family member to lead the ceremony makes it even more personal and involves people you love.  A Bahamas Marriage Officer will need to be present to declare the wedding.  Chic Bahamas Weddings can help you plan a ceremony that’s unique to your style and personality.

When you walk down the aisle as a family at your second wedding, you may have your children perform a reading or poem during the ceremony. Playing an instrument such as the guitar or piano or singing a song is another way to include those important to you.

You may want to include something symbolic, like a sand ceremony. Take different colors of sand and combine them in a glass jar. This will also give you a memento of your ceremony and represent the blending of each family member into one beautiful creation.

After exchanging vows, many couples exchange rings.  Be as creative or as traditional as you like with your ceremony. Chic Bahamas Weddings can ensure every detail is just as you want it.

What Do I Wear?

Make Your Second Wedding Special in the Bahamas

A second wedding in the Bahamas offers flexibility and a casual style.  Wear a cocktail dress, or something more casual. Remember, there are no rules, so you can celebrate the way you want to.

What About After the Ceremony?

Couples have a reception following the wedding ceremony to celebrate with family and friends.

Tying the knot a second time deserves a party. What better place to celebrate than on a warm, tropical beach or lush garden? The Bahamas offers so many locations for your event. Just like the ceremony, what you want is up to you. Chic Bahamas Weddings can help plan a lunch at a private estate on a private cay, restaurant or  an intimate a sit-down dinner at a luxurious villa allowing you time to relax with your guests.

This fete may take place at the same beach venue as your ceremony so that all activities are in one location.  Or, if you’re staying at an opulent villa such as Nandana at West End, Grand Bahama Island, host cocktails and dinner poolside overlooking the ocean. We offer you and your guests an array of Bahamas wedding venues, including Turquoise Cay Boutique Hotel, Exuma and barefoot luxury at the Abaco Club, Cheroke, Abaco.

You may want to include traditions like toasts and dancing.

Who Should We Invite?

The guests list for your second wedding is up to you. Chic Bahamas Weddings helps you plan for an intimate gathering of your close family and friends or a party with up to 100 people. From travel arrangements to outings, we make sure your guests are well taken care of and have an incredible time as you remarry.

What About Gifts for Your Second Wedding?

Marrying the second time doesn’t mean setting up your wedding registry. This is a time to celebrate your love and commitment for each other with friends and family. Let your guests know you do not expect gifts. If they are still interested in giving something, suggest they make a donation to your favorite charity.

With over 10 years in planning Bahamas destination weddings, let the experts at Chic Bahamas Weddings take care of your encore or second wedding. We remember all the details so you don’t have to.

We can help design and plan your perfect ceremony. Your personal guide, Marva Munroe, will ensure your Bahamas second time marriage is memorable. Let us help with accommodations, catering, music, photography, invitations, and table design for your ideal celebration.

With Chic Bahamas Weddings taking care of the details, you can celebrate your remarriage with your friends and family in the relaxed, romantic atmosphere of the Bahamas. We give you the confidence that your celebration will be exactly what you want, creating beautiful memories of a lifetime.