Best Bahamas Wedding Venues

When you choose a luxury wedding in the Bahamas, you can be sure your ceremony will be celebrated in a setting that goes beyond the ordinary, because few places compare.

Imagine your grand Bahamas wedding against a backdrop of breathtaking views, where every element is thoughtfully curated to create the experience of a lifetime. The Islands of the Bahamas offer a wealth of options, each possessing a unique charm, promising an experience as unique as the love it commemorates.

Choose from tropical gardens that call to mind the serene beauty of paradise, rooftop terraces with panoramic views, or pristine beaches where golden sands meet the azure waters in perfect harmony. Whether nestled in boutique hotels radiating charm, exclusive restaurants and private clubs or luxury venues and private villas that will leave you stunned, you can be sure your celebration will unfold in style.

In this luxurious paradise, your wedding is not ‘just an event’, it’s a conversation piece. A memory etched in the minds of your guests, one that says, “Yes, that was the wedding of the century.” Cheers to that! 


Choosing the Right Bahamas Wedding Venue

Looking for the perfect Bahamas wedding venue can be daunting, especially without the ability to explore in person. 

As seasoned Bahamas wedding planners, we offer a refined selection of the finest venues on the island. Boutique hotels, luxury resorts, exquisite restaurants, private villas, and more. Drawing on our extensive expertise, we provide personalized assistance to ensure your destination wedding exceeds expectations. Allow the friendly team at Chic Bahamas Weddings to be your guide to the most beautiful venues in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Rediscover the region’s charm and let your special day unfold in the embrace of these extraordinary settings.


Boutique Hotel Wedding Venues in the Bahamas

The magic of a Bahamas destination wedding extends beyond the sun-kissed beaches and crystalline waters. Discover the sophistication of boutique hotels, each offering an extraordinary backdrop that transforms into a magnificent venue for your destination wedding on the island.

Coral Sands Resort, Harbour Island 

Nestled on the exclusive pink sands of Harbour Island, just a short water taxi ride from Eleuthera, Coral Sands Resort beckons as the ultimate hideaway for your dream wedding. Immerse yourself in utter relaxation within the lap of luxury, set against the breathtaking backdrop of achingly beautiful sea views seemingly stretching to the horizon.

Spread across eight tropical acres, this boutique haven offers a unique and intimate experience with just 38 rooms seamlessly integrated into lush tropical landscaping. Embrace the setting of understated elegance and genuine Bahamian charm, where the overall ambiance is laid-back, with a hint of the eccentric, like the free-roaming chickens that add a whimsy to the surroundings.

Coral Sands Resort is more than a venue, it’s an exclusive escape where you can entirely switch off from the outside world. Enjoy the privacy and tranquility of this intimate retreat as you celebrate amidst the tropical splendor that envelops the resort. Each detail is carefully crafted to reflect individual style and an upmarket feel, ensuring your stay is extraordinary.

The Bahamian hospitality takes center stage here, as their dedicated staff welcomes you with warmth and authenticity. Experience a service ethic that goes beyond expectations, where every team member takes pride in ensuring your needs are met and exceeded.

Coral Sands Resort on Harbour Island is the ideal haven for couples seeking a warm and intimate atmosphere for their wedding day, where style and luxury seamlessly coalesce.

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Rock House, Harbour Island

Situated on a stony slope above the historical foundations of Dunmore Town, only accessible by boat, Rock House is surrounded by the island’s finest restaurants, bars, and boutiques, including the prestigious Sugar Mill Trading Co, owned by Prince Charles’ goddaughter, India Hicks. 

The world-renowned Pink Sands is a mere half-mile away, accessible by foot or the island’s preferred mode of transport, the golf cart. Rock House unveils its appeal, promising luxurious accommodations and breathtaking sunsets from its west-facing restaurant. This spectacle serves as a perfect backdrop for your celebration of love. Whether hosting a rehearsal dinner, a barefoot ceremony in the sand, or an elegant reception, Rock House can accommodate weddings with up to 80 guests.

And if it’s modern flair you’re looking for in your wedding venue, this could be the place for you once the domain of renowned interior designer J. Wallace Tutt, whose clientele included Versace, Rock House has been graced by A-listers for years. Now under the care of Nassau-born couple Teynarae and Henry, the property effortlessly blends historic charm with contemporary elegance.

At Rock House, every detail is carefully curated, exceeds expectations, and creates memories to last a lifetime.


The Island House, Nassau


The Island House Bahamas wedding venue

The Island House, in Nassau is an oasis of sophistication nestled in an exclusive enclave alongside ultra-private residential communities such as Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay, and Albany. While not beachfront, this inland resort, located just 3.7 km from Clifton Heritage Park’s pristine beaches and underwater sculpture garden, captivates with its exceptional style and unparalleled elegance.

The architecture, inspired by Asian influences, showcases peaked roofs, shuttered windows, and meticulous use of bamboo and other wood finishings. Despite its grandeur, the property exudes an understated charm, reminiscent of a posh private mansion rather than a conventional resort.

The north balcony of Shima, the hotel’s restaurant, offers the most breathtaking views from the most elevated vantage point. From here, revel in the panoramic sights of Lyford Cay Marina, the pristine beach coast, and the endless horizon where the ocean meets the sky, a picture-perfect backdrop for your wedding celebration.

While The Island House may not boast beachfront allure, it compensates with unparalleled facilities and a sense of secluded luxury. Picture your wedding against the backdrop of well-proportioned buildings, lush gardens, a pristine pool patio, and other thoughtfully landscaped facilities, all exuding a sense of simple elegance.

Indulge in the unique offerings exclusive to The Island House, such as The Cinema, an intimate space with 48 seats. 

We highly recommend The Island House for your ceremony, and your wedding will be one to remember if you book this stunning venue. 


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Restaurants/Private Clubs Bahamas Wedding Venues

Opting for a private club or restaurant would be the perfect option for discerning couples who desire a wedding outside of a traditional hotel setting. 

Choosing a private club or restaurant offers exclusive benefits, including heightened privacy, personalized service, and a unique ambiance, contributing to an unforgettable wedding day. 

Enjoy the flexibility to customize every aspect of your celebration, from decor to menu, while reveling in the culinary excellence and distinct atmosphere that private clubs and exclusive restaurants are known for. They most certainly set the stage for a sophisticated and distinctive wedding that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. 



Old Fort Bay Club, Nassau

The Old Fort Bay Club, is an exclusive private members’ haven on the pristine New Providence Island in the Bahamas. At the heart of this distinguished club stands a restored fort from the late 1700s, serving as a captivating backdrop for couples. Here, amidst stylish decor and lush surroundings, the Club has been enchanting customers since its opening in 2002.

This venue boasts stylish décor infused with colonial-era elegance, captivating your guests with sublime old-world charm. Set against lush grounds and featuring the finest beach in New Providence, the venue ensures a stunning backdrop for your romantic celebration.

At the Old Fort Bay Club, luxury meets choice, offering a selection of indoor and outdoor Bahamas wedding locations. The elegant banquet room, The Pavilion, sets the stage for a regal wedding ceremony. At the same time, the club’s main dining space, The Sea-View Terrace, provides a sophisticated ambiance for your wedding reception. The expansive Great Lawn transforms into a perfect tented Nassau wedding venue, offering versatility for your ceremony. If you’re desiring a seaside ceremony, The Beach and Sand Bar unveils a fabulous vista of the azure waters, adding a touch of coastal elegance to your union.

This venue certainly offers a wedding experience where timeless charm meets contemporary luxury. We’d say it’s a destination that surpasses expectations, ensuring your special day is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Luxury Bahamas Wedding Venues For Your Destination Wedding

Next, we will delve into the best luxury resorts on the island. 

From breathtaking backdrops of pristine beaches to these resorts’ exclusivity and privacy, each element is carefully crafted to transform your special day into an unforgettable masterpiece. With world-class amenities, professional event coordination, and the option for all-inclusive packages, these resorts in the Bahamas provide a seamless and indulgent experience. Read below to discover the top resorts for your destination wedding. 


Rosewood Baha Mar, Nassau


Rosewood Bahamas wedding

Discover a romantic escape just 15 minutes from the airport at Rosewood Baha Mar on Cable Beach. Boasting 237 rooms, this haven seamlessly blends modern Bahamian style with effortless luxury, evoking the charm of a private estate.

Rosewood Baha Mar radiates sophistication and certainly offers something a little different, enveloped by pristine grounds and adorned with art by local talents and Damien Hirst. 

Amidst private pools and a beach, the hotel provides idyllic settings for cherished wedding moments. Explore Baha Mar’s entertainment and diverse restaurants, where Rosewood Baha Mar shines with five culinary gems. Each spot is a culinary masterpiece, from the koi-pond-encircled Costa to the wood-paneled Manor Bar and the impeccable Café Boulud.

For those who dream of an outdoor declaration of love, The Rosewood Lawn and the pristine sands of Rosewood Beach beckon. A spectacular backdrop of tranquil waters, uninhabited islands, and breathtaking natural landscapes sets the stage for a truly enchanting celebration. Rosewood Baha Mar is where your wedding dreams come to life against the backdrop of Bahamian beauty.

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Grand Isle Resort and Spa, Great Exuma


Nestled among top-tier villas, the Grand Isle Resort and Spa epitomizes luxury. It is an impeccable Bahamas wedding venue, perfect for your dream tropical destination celebration. 


This exclusive resort boasts distinctive outdoor spaces adorned with breathtaking seascapes, providing an idyllic setting for a beach wedding ceremony, an elegant private reception, or a sophisticated bonfire or infinity pool wedding soirée.

This Exuma wedding venue boasts a powdery white-sand aisle that guides you to The Point; an elevated haven above the clear waters and pristine sands where couples can exchange their vowels. 

Then, couples can revel in the grandeur of a lavish reception at the Palapa Grill, offering an unparalleled view of the mesmerizing turquoise waters of Emerald Bay. Alternatively, opt for an intimate affair at the Ocean View Terrace or the secluded Overlook Palapa. With exceptional amenities to indulge your guests, the Grand Isle Resort and Spa cater to those looking for large and small events. 

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Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau

Located on the famed Cable Beach just outside Nassau, the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is a captivating haven for couples envisioning a luxurious destination wedding. This self-contained paradise, part of a three-hotel super resort alongside SLS Baha Mar and Rosewood Baha Mar, offers a spectacular backdrop for your celebration.

Spanning 600 acres, this resort redefines luxury with its exceptional amenities. Offering an expansive outdoor pool area, a swim-up bar, ‘rain’ cabanas, and waterfalls. Then, as daylight fades, the grand fountains transform into a captivating light-and-sound show, setting the stage for romance.

Elevate your celebration with pre-and post-wedding events, hosting a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or farewell brunch in ocean-view terraces or elegant dining rooms. Their wedding specialists are well-versed in executing cultural traditions, making your Nassau, Bahamas resort wedding a truly personalized experience.

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The Cove Eleuthera, Gregory Town, North Eleuthera


Situated along the serene turquoise bay in Gregory Town, North Eleuthera, The Cove Eleuthera is an exclusive haven of seclusion and luxury. 

A beautiful boutique resort seamlessly integrated into lush landscapes. With crystal-clear waters surrounding it, this sanctuary prioritizes indulgent relaxation and offers utter seclusion at every turn.

The two private beaches and striking white buildings, set against a backdrop of vibrant greenery, create a visually striking entrance that sets the tone for an isolated retreat. A separate reception area ensures uninterrupted tranquility once you’ve checked in. The two-story Sanctuary boasts 57 guest rooms, featuring semi-private, cabana-style patios. Careful attention has been given to ensure privacy, fostering a genuine sense of being away from it all.

The Cove Eleuthera is not just a resort, it’s a destination where luxury meets the natural beauty of Eleuthera. It offers a picturesque setting between two white sand coves as a Bahamas wedding venue. Imagine walking down an aisle on Barefoot Bluff, a private cape enveloped by the sea’s rhythmic waves. Whether hosting an Oceanside wedding reception on Eleuthera Beach, a lavish banquet on the Cove’s infinity pool platform, or an intimate ceremony in the Palm Court and Fire Garden, each venue has been designed for unforgettable celebrations.

This is where luxury meets seclusion, creating an ideal location for an intimate and breathtaking Bahamas wedding.


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The Ocean Club, a Four Seasons Resort, Paradise Island


Ocean Club Bahamas wedding venue
Nestled on the captivating Paradise Island, the Ocean Club is the epitome of luxury, inviting couples to step into a fairy tale for their dream Bahamas wedding. As a distinguished Four Seasons Resort, it transforms dreams into reality, offering a lovely setting that perfectly blends luxury and romance.

At the heart of this resort lies the serene Versailles Gardens, a main wedding venue reminiscent of scenes from a romantic movie. Delight in the whimsical charm of Cupid and Psyche statues and a mesmerizing fish pond, creating genuine enchantment in this Bahamas wedding haven. Walk on stone pathways through lush landscapes, leading to an intimate garden venue with breathtaking views of Nassau Harbor.

Having welcomed guests since 1962, the Ocean Club has left an indelible mark on Nassau’s landscape, even gracing the opening scenes of Casino Royale. Its 35 acres of perfectly manicured gardens, formerly managed by the One & Only hotel group, provide a picturesque setting for an elegant celebration.

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The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island, Paradise Island

Located between the serene Cove and Paradise Beach, The Cove Atlantis, offers an enchanting venue for those ready to say “I Do” in the heart of Paradise Island. 

This idyllic location boasts the finest in luxury destination weddings, set against a backdrop of stunning Bahamian landscapes and captivating views of the crystal blue waters, ensuring an extraordinary experience for you and your esteemed guests.

With an exquisite selection of over 20 carefully curated Bahamas wedding venues, The Cove Atlantis effortlessly transforms your visions of an intimate or grand celebration into a breathtaking reality. Picture exchanging vows barefoot on the soft, ivory sands of Cove or Paradise Beach, or envisage an upscale reception unfolding on one of the resort’s well-appointed decks, overlooks, or patios, each crafted to elevate your wedding experience on Paradise Island.

At The Cove Atlantis, your wedding becomes an exquisite blend of sophistication, exclusivity, and the sublime beauty of Paradise Island.


Kamalame Cay

When it comes to Bahamian wedding venues, Kamalame Cay embodies absolute perfection. Nestled off the central coast of Andros, Kamalame Cay unfolds as a sprawling 96-acre private island. Infused with the vibrant spirit of its owners, an eclectic Jamaican family, the resort mirrors its edgy and

eccentric charm. It seamlessly weaves together opulent sophistication, the ease of laid-back island living, and the rich tapestry of Caribbean culture. 


Each light-filled room boasts polished wooden floors, boho-chic furnishings, and opulent linens carefully arranged with an unwavering attention to detail. Immerse yourself in an outdoor bathtub serenaded by the rhythmic waves crashing on the shore, awakening to panoramic oceanside views that beckon you for a refreshing dip before indulging in an Asian-infused Bahamian breakfast at The Great Room.


Accolades for excellence adorn Kamalame Cay, a testament to its unwavering commitment to luxury. Recognized by esteemed publications like Travel and Leisure and Condé Nast Traveller, this private haven is celebrated as one of the premier resorts in the Bahamas and across the globe. Its secluded charm, just a short journey from Nassau, is cherished by celebrities, offering the rare privilege of strolling along the sun-kissed beach for miles without encountering a soul. In the realm of luxury, Kamalame Cay stands unrivaled as a radiant slice of paradise. You will impress your guests beyond belief when you choose this resort for your luxury wedding. 

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Private Luxury Villas & Buyout Resorts for Your Bahamas Wedding

Are you envisioning an intimate destination wedding or a micro celebration with a select group of guests? Explore unparalleled luxury at these exclusive private villas, carefully chosen as the ideal venue for an exquisite wedding experience with a up to 50 guests.


Exuma Outpost, Little Exuma


Bride at Exuma Outpost small wedding venue in the Bahamas

Situated on the picturesque Little Exuma Island, Exuma Outpost is an exclusive small Bahamas wedding venue, offering an idyllic setting for an intimate celebration with up to 50 cherished guests. This charming venue is located within a secluded cove and provides a personal and welcoming atmosphere for your special day.

Picture a dreamlike wedding ceremony on a pristine sandbar, surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of Exuma Beach. Alternatively, opt for the tranquil courtyard pool as a backdrop for your vows. Following the ceremony, savor the joyous moments with your select group during a refined wedding reception dinner, where banquet-sized tables in the dining area set the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

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The Salthouse Exuma, Little Exuma

Located on a private cove in Little Exuma, the Salt House Exuma is a luxurious beachfront villa, offering an exquisite retreat for accommodating a wedding party of eight. This extraordinary villa, boasting vaulted ceilings and elegant French doors, unfolds into a sprawling outdoor area. The expansive deck serves as an impeccable wedding venue, creating an intimate setting for a small, yet luxurious, wedding in the Bahamas.

Imagine an enchanting ceremony on the pristine white sand beach, amidst lush tropical gardens, or the inviting infinity pool surrounded by swaying palm trees. Following the vows, indulge in an alfresco reception dinner on the covered deck, where an endless vista of the turquoise waters of Little Exuma enhances every moment.

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The Reef House, Little Exuma

The Reef House beckons as an exclusive four-bedroom modern beach house. A captivating Bahamas wedding venue designed for intimate celebrations. This exquisite venue boasts an open floor plan, offering a picturesque setting for a small, yet opulent, wedding ceremony. Perched on a breathtaking bluff, it provides a mesmerizing panorama of the Exuma blue waters and the stunning cays.

Imagine exchanging vows on the pristine beach, beneath the cool shade of the tiled patio, or within the embrace of the covered pavilion, a symphony of elegance and natural beauty. The enclosed courtyard, adorned with a natural Exuma rock wall, is the perfect backdrop for your wedding reception dinner, creating an enchanting atmosphere where every detail resonates with luxury and sophistication.



Best Beach Wedding Venues in the Bahamas

If you dream of having a beautiful beach wedding, the Islands of Bahamas have numerous beach Bahamas wedding venues to make your dream come true. We recommend exchanging your vows or hosting an elegant alfresco wedding reception on any of these beautiful beach Bahamas wedding venues.


Emerald Bay, Great Exuma


Emerald Bay Beach wedding ceremony Bahamas
Refined, contemporary, and lavish, celebrate your wedding at Sandals Emerald Bay for a VIP experience during your romantic escape. Nestled in an exquisite enclave in the Exumas, the authentic island ambiance sets the stage for a beautifully calm vow exchange.


Expert wedding coordinators handle the details, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process. Indulge in special treats like foot massages and bridal manicures, offering the pampering you deserve before you walk down the aisle.


Whether you opt for a garden ceremony or a beachfront affair, your nuptials will be adorned with unparalleled style, featuring unlimited seating for your cherished guests. Keep in mind that the cocktail reception is an intimate affair, exclusively for the bride, groom, and up to six guests.

Savor a divine wedding cake, relish in a signature cocktail, and experience an enchanting turndown service on the first night of your honeymoon. Personalize your experience by choosing the timing of your complimentary breakfast and morning mimosa.

With its modern, chic, and opulent atmosphere, Sandals Emerald Bay is the ideal choice for an intimate ceremony for two or a small adult gathering, tailored for those seeking a tranquil celebration.

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Tropic of Cancer, Little Exuma


Bahamas elopement venue

Exquisitely untouched by the usual tourist presence, Tropic of Cancer Beach is the epitome of tranquility among beach Bahamas wedding venues. Its elongated stretch and serene ambiance make it a discreet gem, adding an exclusive allure that’s challenging to uncover (reach out for more details). Often referred to as Pelican Beach, this secluded paradise offers the rare opportunity to have the entire venue to yourself, where you can exchange vows in an intimate ceremony or host a dreamlike beach wedding reception on the pristine, sunlit sand, overlooking the mesmerizing azure sea. After your celebration, indulge in postcard-worthy experiences like swimming with the pigs, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more.

snorkeling, scuba diving, and more.


The Rosewood Beach, Nassau


Rosewood Beach Bahamas wedding venue

Rosewood Beach emerges as an enchanting and luxurious Bahamas wedding venue for your extraordinary day, located upon soft, ivory sands that invite a sense of refined relaxation. Picture exchanging vows with the gentle caress of the sea breeze and the warmth of pristine sand beneath your toes, a fantastic beach wedding experience.

Enhance your celebration with a grand reception or an intimate, star-lit dinner, set against the backdrop of the deep blue waves and the allure of surrounding islands. The stunning blue waters provide a breathtaking spectacle and a canvas for various water sports, allowing your guests to explore the serene aquatic life. At Rosewood Beach, your wedding becomes a beautiful blend of luxury, nature, and unforgettable moments.


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Bahamas Wedding Venues List

Boutique Hotels

Restaurants/Private Clubs

  • Old Fort Bay Club, Nassau

Luxury Bahamas Wedding Venues

Private Luxury Villas & Buyout Resorts

  • Exuma Outpost, Little Exuma
  • The Salthouse Exuma, Little Exuma
  • The Reef House, Little Exuma
  • The Cove Eleuthera, Gregory Town, North Eleuthera

Best Beaches

  • Emerald Bay, Great Exuma
  • Tropic of Cancer, Little Exuma
  • The Rosewood Beach, Nassau


Get help choosing the perfect Bahamas Wedding Venue

Navigating the intricacies of planning a destination wedding from afar can be difficult, requiring a discerning eye for sophistication and exclusivity. Selecting the quintessential venue that harmonizes with your discerning taste, financial considerations, guest list, and unique personality demands advanced expertise.

Allow the team at Chic Bahamas Weddings to support you with your planning. 

With an illustrious portfolio and an insider’s knowledge of the most distinguished Bahamas wedding venues, our team will ensure your event is nothing short of incredible. 

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