Bahamas Wedding: What Time Of Day Is Best To Get Married?


If you have a wedding planned in the Bahamas then you may feel much more comfortable when you know you have everything planned. One thing you do need to think about however is the time of day that you’d like to get married at. For example, some people want to get married at sunset and some people choose to get married at sunrise as well. You may even find it romantic to get married at night with candles to light the way of the aisle, so as you can see, you have many options to choose from when planning your special day.

Bahamas Wedding at Sunrise


Photo: Lyndah Wells Photography

Island wedding packages come with everything you need to make your day really special. In some instances you may choose to get married outside on the beach and sunrise is a great time to do this. You can see the sun coming up over the ocean and you can also go out for dinner after as well. You’ll have your entire day ahead of you and the sunrise will provide an amazing setting for you and your loved one as you get your wedding pictures taken.

Sunset Bahamas Wedding


Photo: WilGrant Photography

Another very popular time is sunset. The outdoors is still warm from the day and you will also find that the background is equally amazing. You can relax and have some cocktails with your loved one or you could go for a romantic meal at one of the many Bahamas wedding venues in the area. This is ideal if you want full control over your special day and this helps to make it all the more memorable as well. Contact your Bahamas wedding planner today to find out more, and set the perfect scene for your very special day. They’d be more than happy to help