Beach Wedding in the Bahamas

Beach Wedding in the Bahamas

A wedding on the beach is no ordinary event. Above all, it combines all the forces of nature – from sunshine and gentle breezes to crashing waves – to bless the happy couple.

As a seasoned event planner, Marva Munroe has been spreading joy to happy couples for more than two decades. What’s more, planning a beach wedding in the Bahamas is not just a task. Marva pours her heart and soul, above all, into delivering a day filled with magic and memories. Also, along with her supremely talented team of professionals at Chic Bahamas Weddings and Events, Marva oversees every detail – no matter how large or small – to make couples’ fairytales come true. In fact, take a look here on why you should consider the Bahamas for your destination wedding. Furthermore, a beach wedding in the Bahamas is special.

Bride’s Review

“Marva and her team at Chic Bahamas Weddings are absolutely A M A Z I N G!” says Taylor, a teacher, and Largo Florida bride. Our rehearsal dinner/wedding day would not have been possible without her. She is an expert on everything Bahamas and makes the process such an easy and enjoyable one! If you’re looking at any of the Bahamian islands for your wedding destination do yourself a favor and get in touch with Marva!”

Beach Wedding in the Bahamas
Taylor and Chris exchange vows oceanside at Abaco Beach Resort.. Photo courtesy of Madison Hope and Company
Beach Wedding in the Bahamas
Photo by: Madison Hope and Compa
Beach Wedding in the Bahamas
Photo by Dolce Photos
Private Club Spring Bahamas Beach Wedding. Photo by Dolce Photos
Beach Wedding in the Bahamas
Grand Isle Luxury Resort’s Emerald Beach. Photo by Alfred Anderson
Beach Reception
Beach wedding reception. Photo by Alfred Anderson Weddings

Hence, in planning a beach wedding, many factors come into play:

  • The time of day
  • Tide conditions – whether it’s high or low tide so as to avoid tide washing away set-up
  • The expanse of beach – we love a wide expanse of flat sand/beach
  • Hard as opposed to soft sand
  • Calm sand
  • Lighting
  • Non-windy conditions

Specifically, the Chic Bahamas Weddings team is adept at handling all of the above and more. Consequently, we’re well prepared for your beach wedding. Really, we ensure that the ceremony arch is set-up in firm sand and well beyond the high watermark to prevent water from washing it away. So, these and many other precautions are taken in order to produce a safe and happy event.

Luxury Planners: Beach Wedding in the Bahamas

Beach Wedding in the Bahamas
Emerald Bay Beach at Grand Isle Resort and Spa, a luxury beach resort in Exuma. Photo: Dana Lynn Photography
Bride and groom - married!
Ana and Leo … married! Photo by Dana Lynn Photography.

In case you’re planning a destination wedding, it is essential to find luxury wedding planners in the Bahamas to hold your hand and guide you through the planning process from a distance. Bahamas wedding planner, Marva and her team at Chic Bahamas Weddings and Events, have built strong and successful partnerships with wedding vendors who are skilled professionals that provide top-notch services to our happy couples and their guests.

Finally, are you looking for an exotic and luxury beach wedding in the Bahamas? Contact us today. To this end, we will help you to make your dreams come true – turning your vision into the best day of your life