Best Bahamas Wedding Locations

Every bride wants to have the perfect wedding. For many, it is a childhood dream, so you need to make sure that you choose one of the best Bahamas wedding locations before you start to plan. There are many great wedding locations in the Bahamas, so you’ll always have so much to choose from.

Andros Island

Best Bahamas Wedding Locations - Andros

Photo: Courtesy of the Out Island Promotion Board

Andros Island is very close to the world’s third biggest coral reef, so it is great for couples that want to try a little deep sea diving after the wedding. It also has many white beaches and it is a relatively quiet island, making it great for couples that want a relaxed and calming atmosphere when on their wedding weekend.

Eleuthera Island

This island itself is a few miles away from Nassau. It is very popular with holiday fans, and there are plenty of wedding packages available to choose from. You can get married on the beach with ease, and with soft sands and great sunsets, it is a prime location for any beach lover.

Best Bahamas Wedding Locations – Nassau

Nassau is one of the most popular islands in the Bahamas. Most of the facilities on the island are ones that couples can enjoy, there are white sandy beaches, clear waters and many luxury hotels in the area so you know you can have the day you have always dreamed of. You will also find that the luxury scenery also sets a beautiful background for a beach wedding, so things couldn’t be more perfect.

The Grand Bahamas

This island has many facilities available, including a casino for those who want action after their beach wedding. The best Bahamas wedding locations on Grand Bahama Island boast many wedding venues, and many of them are a good value so this is great if you want to limit the cost of your wedding while still achieving your dream.