Celebrate Life in the Bahamas (Hint: We do More than Plan Weddings!)

Celebrate in the Bahamas

Chic Bahamas Weddings may officially be a wedding planning service, but don’t let the name fool you. We do so much more than plan your big day. 

We love helping groups gather to celebrate all kinds of memorable moments in the Bahamas, from birthdays to bachelorette parties! And if you’re planning a full weekend or even week of activities for your wedding guests, we’ll help you put the pieces together for a truly memorable event.

But just as with a wedding, many moving parts and details go into planning an event in a foreign country: finding great venues, vendor management, and planning schedules… to name a few. 

If you don’t have time to figure it all out (and even if you do!) and want things to run as smoothly as possible, we would be delighted to design an unforgettable and customized experience just for you. 

All photos by Alfred Anderson Weddings
Memorable Moments in the Bahamas - sunset.
Sunset at mid-tide – bliss!

Other than weddings, some unique celebrations worth celebrating in the Bahamas:

I have a deep knowledge of the area and a love for all things Bahamian. I also love creating extraordinary experiences for my clients. As a visitor to this country, I want you to feel immersed in Bahamian beauty! 

If you’ve been dreaming of an overseas adventure, but you’ve never been here before, you are probably doing a lot of research to make sure you have all the logistics, details, and activities planned out well. Goodness, that’s a lot to think about! And depending on how much research you’ve done already, you may be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed! 

Memorable Moments in the Bahamas

We can also help you plan excursions and adventures built for two. For example, plan to stay overnight on a yacht experience to Spanish Wells or Staniel Cay. Stay aboard the yacht overnight and enjoy a candlelit dinner on a private beach. Swim with the pigs, visit a sandbar, enjoy the turtles, iguanas, snorkeling, and more. There’s so much to see and do!  More memorable moments in the Bahamas to be created!

This is where my expertise comes in. In addition to event planning and design, I can offer travel guidance and advice to help you and your guests plan your trip to paradise with confidence. 

I can guide you on hotels, food, sites to see, and the abundance of activities available to you. And my insight into all things Bahamas and my vast travel background cannot be matched by an online search. Truly, the only way to know how excellent and reliable a place is is to experience it first hand. And that, I’ve done! 

I have extensive hotel and restaurant experience, and I have traveled to exotic destinations, experiencing firsthand the quality and service you are looking for. I will go above and beyond to care for you, your friends, and your family. It’s important that you feel confident and comfortable traveling to a different country, especially for such meaningful events. That’s why from picking you up at the airport to the time you check out at the hotel to head home, I see to it that every single touchpoint of your trip is covered. 

You want to enjoy your event, not manage it. And you definitely don’t want to spend night after night wondering if you’ve made the best choices. 

Sleep easy because with Chic Bahamas’ knowledge and expertise supporting you, you’ll experience a tropical dream come true. 

Contact us today, and let’s talk celebrations!