Choices Galore for Destination Weddings

Once you decide to have a tropical destination wedding, the amount of choices you will have to make only grows from there. You must choose a time, location, guest list, honeymoon, and more. While it can be overwhelming to think about at first, it’s important to take one decision at a time.

All-Inclusive Resort vs. Standard Hotel

Tropical Destination Wedding

The dilemma between these options is extensive. While all-inclusive sounds wonderful, not all guests will be interested in paying the extra amount for services they don’t plan to use.

All-inclusive resorts are luxurious experiences for people willing to pay the price. With spas, massages, and free drinks, the amenities are enticing. For an intimate destination wedding, this type of accommodation could be perfect. Guests would be able to mingle at the resort, relax on the private resort beach, and receive outstanding service at all times of the day.

For couples less interested in a luxury hotel experience, a standard hotel will fit the bill. While the accommodations will still be excellent, the wedding party and guests alike will probably find more opportunities to explore the island and experience unique Bahamas culture outside the hotel. The price differences always play an important role. Consider how each location fits into your budget before making the final decision.

Family Only vs. Family, Friends, and Everyone Else

Tropical Destination Wedding

The guest list is the trickiest part for most couples planning a wedding. Destination weddings are particularly challenging since the bride and groom usually trying to keep numbers to a minimum. The biggest decision is choosing to only invite family or start sending invitations to additional friends. The risk with inviting friends is creating awkward situations with people who don’t make the list. While this can be awkward, some friends are too important to exclude from your big day.

Live Band vs. a DJ

Choices Galore for Destination Weddings

Each type of music sets a special tone for the evening. Before choosing between the two, think about how you want to party at the reception. Are you planning to get down with your friends or tango through the night with your partner? No matter what, all guests need a variety of music to stay entertained throughout the evening.

Couples who enjoy Motown classics, rock and roll standards, and big band swing rhythms will probably enjoy a band more at their reception. Many groups emulate classic bands like The Temptations and The Beatles as part of their act, which makes for great entertainment and lively dancing.

DJs are usually a little cheaper than live music. While they can still play the classics, they also play more current pop music. Most DJs understand the power of subtlety, though a few still try to command attention through corny routines and over-prepared transitions. Do research and read reviews before making the final decision.

Sit Down Meal vs. Buffet Style

Tropical Destination Wedding

The beauty of a destination wedding is the intimate nature of the festivities. With a smaller guest list, a cozy sit down dinner seems appropriate to finish off the day of celebration. However, there are additional labor-intensive activities necessary for planning this type of reception. Seating charts are stressful and choosing a plate with foods to please each guest in some way is challenging.

Nevertheless, the charm of sit down dinners is hard to ignore. Small gatherings usually include people who want a chance to visit and catch up with old friends and new family. A sit down dinner offers a perfect opportunity.

A buffet style meal presents more options in a less formal way. Buffets are typically more expensive and usually result in more wasted food, but couples planning to invite a larger crowd would benefit from the flexibility of this option.

Traditional Wedding Cake vs. Non-Traditional Options

Traditional wedding cakes are quickly becoming a thing of the past. People are more interested in enjoying their favorite dessert at their wedding instead of sticking to traditions. Wedding cakes are beautiful and classic, but couples should consider the alternatives for dessert.

Some couples provide donuts for everyone, others supply guests with cupcakes, and some people buy candy in bulk and arrange a cute buffet for everyone. A destination wedding already shows boldness, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box about the details.

Honeymooning On-Site vs. Going to a New Location

A tropical destination wedding provides a built-in honeymoon for many couples. After travelling a great distance for the ceremony, staying stationary afterwards is a great way to unwind after the busyness of the festivities. But be prepared for many of your guests to extend their vacation time as well.

While considering travelling to a new destination might seem strange, couples interested in quality alone time should think about different options. Spending the honeymoon lying on the beach next to mom and dad isn’t ideal for everyone.

DIY Decorations vs. Hiring a Professional

Some couples cut costs by planning and putting up decorations themselves. Luckily, the Bahamas provides such a picturesque background that the location doesn’t require much attention. The reception is the part of the event requiring planning and preparation. Doing the decorations yourself means shopping for decorations beforehand, making shipping arrangements, and setting up the details upon arrival.

Hiring a professional, either from the hotel or from home, can help minimize stress. They will coordinate with vendors, make sure the supplies arrive in the right location, and take care of all arrangements before the wedding.

Wedding Planner vs. Plan-It-Yourself

Planning a wedding on your own is a challenge most couples avoid. While it can be done, it leads to unwanted stress throughout the planning process.

A wedding planner will assist you in making each of the important decisions previously discussed. With experience in destination weddings, planners know how to navigate the challenge of coordinating plans without visiting the actual event space. Hiring a wedding planner is an investment, not an expense. They lend invaluable services to help every couple truly experience the joy of having a wedding.

At Chic Bahamas Weddings, we provide assistance for couples planning a tropical destination wedding. Our services are designed to help the bride and groom make big decisions with confidence as they look forward to their big day. Contact us today for more information!