Choosing Bahamas Wedding Venues

Often brides who are researching Bahamas wedding venues ask about options available on the respective Islands of the Bahamas.  Making this decision has now become even more challenging with the opening of new wedding hotels and restaurant spaces.  How does one know when a venue is perfect?  What should couples look for?

Right up there among first things that couples do once they get engaged is to choose the venues for the wedding.  This comes second … right after shopping for the dress.

Firstly, there are essentials to start with when searching for the best Bahamas wedding venues.

  • Availability of hotel rooms for your wedding guests along with space at the respective venue.  April, May and June are particularly busy months for destination weddings in the Bahamas
  • Choice of space … whether tropical garden, beach of bayside
  • Seating for all of your guests
  • Compatibility of the event space and the theme of your wedding along with the general feel and ambiance of the location
  • Back-up space in the vent of rain
  • Price range … whether it meets your target budget

Bahamas Wedding Venues: Transforming Space

 What to Consider When Choosing Bahamas Wedding Venues

Photo: Lyndah Wells Photography

Secondly, to be considered are the transformation possibilities Bahamas wedding venues offers.  Can they be transformed?  You must take into account the potential to enhance space the venue offers. Can it be transformed?  Have previous weddings had the space decorated?  Of course, a pre-wedding site visit is always recommended. Having a wedding planner make recommendations on charming spaces and setting up appointments for your visit is always wonderful.

Convenience of You and Your Guests Getting to The Destination

Things To Consider When Choosing Bahamas Wedding Venues

Photo: Lyndah Wells Photography

Thirdly, top of mind by brides and grooms is how will guests get to the destination.  How long is a flight?  Is direct, non-stop service offered?  Can guests leave home early morning and be in the Bahamas wedding venue by lunch time?  Is your wedding off season and are hotel rates with a range that guests will consider within budget?  By making your Bahamas wedding location easy to get to, more guests are likely to attend your destination wedding weekend.

Though facts and budgets are important, they are simply one part of the whole picture of your wedding planning.  The feeling that arises when you step into a venue and whether it’s what you’ve dreamed of contributes a lot to your decision on Bahamas wedding venues.  Can you picture yourself in this setting on your magical day?  Gut feeling comes into play here.  After all, you’re tying the knot … it’s your big day!