Choosing Destination Weddings Bridesmaid Style

The location for destination weddings helps determine the style of bridesmaid dresses. There are tips for choosing a bridesmaid dress no matter the location of your ceremony, but destination weddings mean special considerations for your attendants. The location of the wedding will help determine the color, style, material, and accessories for the bridesmaids. This day is special for them, too, and you want to help make them comfortable so they can enjoy themselves and celebrate with you.


Choosing Tropical Destination Weddings Bridesmaids Dresses

Is your wedding on the beach or a tropical garden? Remember it will likely be hot. Don’t put your bridesmaids in heavy material, like silk, that will show things like perspiration or water marks. The fabric should be lightweight to keep them cool. A perfect material is chiffon. This lightweight fabric will blow gently in the sea breeze and is soft and comfortable. Chiffon is sheer and will give a flowing, elegant appearance to the dress. Your bridesmaids will thank you for choosing a beautiful fabric that will keep them cool.

Destination Weddings Style

Choosing a Destination Weddings Bridesmaid Style

When choosing a style of dress for a destination wedding, shorter is better. You don’t want your bridesmaids’ dresses getting wet in the water or dragging in the sand. A shorter length will also help keep them cooler.

The same style dress will not fit or flatter all of your bridesmaids. Consider giving them some basic guidelines for their dress and letting them choose one that is most flattering to them. Tell them what material, color, and length you want and let them choose the dress. Your friends should feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. If you do not want totally different dress styles, consider picking a basic style that can be altered with different necklines and hemlines. Also, think about a style that will not just hang in their closets after the wedding. They are spending money on a dress they should get more than one use out of. Choose a style they can wear again as is or with slight alterations.


Your color choice depends on your personality and preference. Think about hues that will stand out against the sand and sea or that will contrast with a tropical garden. Are you going to be surrounded by exotic flowers and plants? What colors are they? Consider bright colors and even patterns. White is a popular color for bridesmaid dresses for destination weddings. White dresses can be customized with a colored sash or colored shoes. Bright shades of pink, yellow, blue, and green are stunning on a beach backdrop.

Pick a color and let each bridesmaid wear a dress in a different hue. If you like green, your bridesmaids can all wear different shades, such as sea-foam green, hunter green, and mint green. Just be sure the different shades complement each other.

Patterns are another option. Pick two or three colors and find patterns that include the colors. Your bridesmaids can be creative and pick the same pattern in different styles.

Other ways to incorporate color are with embellishments on the dress. A sash, bow, or flowers on a dress can be different colors or mixed and matched. Consider a pashmina or shawl as another way to introduce color. If your bridesmaids all have the same color dress, you can individualize them with accessories in different colors.


You can select the general style, but let them choose the specifics that complement their face, dress, and personality. Soft, natural hairstyles are best for destination weddings and enhance their natural surroundings and beauty. You may want to add some local flowers to their hair. This is another way to introduce colors.

Cost and Other Considerations

Because it is a destination wedding, your bridesmaids will have to travel with their dresses. Choose something that will easily fit in a suitcase and doesn’t require extra baggage.

All of your bridesmaids will have different financial situations. The average cost of a bridesmaids dress is $100 – $300. Try and be sensitive to what people can afford and don’t go overboard. You don’t want to miss out on having your best friend in your wedding because the dress you choose is too expensive. If you absolutely must go over the average cost, consider paying for the difference yourself.

Listen to your bridesmaids about their preferences for style, color, and cost. Although it is your wedding, you are asking them to be a part of it and should consider their wants and needs.

Chic Bahamas Weddings can help you plan the perfect ceremony for your destination wedding. We can give advice on choosing colors for your wedding, dress, and hair styles. We have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t for bridesmaids on the beach or in a tropical garden. We can help make the experience perfect for you and your attendants. Additionally, we can make arrangements for your bridal party to have time at the spa, a special luncheon, or planned activity. The day of your ceremony, we can plan hair and makeup sessions to ensure everyone gets their best look.

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