Choosing your Bahamas Wedding flowers

Bahamas wedding flowers


Bahamas wedding flowers


Bahamas wedding flowers

Stunningly beautiful crystal clear aquamarine blue waters of the Islands of the Bahamas are the beginnings of a naturally pretty backdrop for your Bahamas wedding.  Exquisite flowers enhance this natural beauty.

To help you with ordering flowers for your Magical Day here is a list.

In addition of to the bouquet, there’s more to your floral order than carrying a bouquet of flowers down the aisle.  Flowers for the aisle runner to the cake table at your Bahamas wedding are all used to create drama for your decor.

Historically, flowers were always tied to the wedding ritual.  Many years ago, they were actually considered to keep bay luck away.  Today, they simply a beautiful way to deck out your ceremony focal point, even your hair.

Peruse a checklist of all the flowers you can expect to order for a traditional wedding.  While this list is not a must, it’s a super starting point for your research on Bahamas wedding flowers.

At Your Bahamas Wedding Ceremony

Flowers for the People:

  • Bride’s bouquet
  • Flowers for bride’s hair
  • Maid of Honor’s bouquet
  • Each Bridesmaid’s bouquet
  • Flower Girl hair wreath
  • Flower Girl basket’s rose petals
  • Groom’s boutonniere
  • Best Man’s Boutonniere
  • Each Groomsman’s boutonniere
  • Ring bearer’s boutonniere
  • Bride’s mother and/or step-mother’s corsage
  • Groom’s mother and/or stepmother’s corsage
  • Bride’s grandmothers’ corsages
  • Groom’s grandmothers’ corsages
  • Female readers or honored participants in the ceremony’s corsages
  • Bride’s father and/or stepfather’s boutonniere
  • Groom’s father and/or stepfather’s boutonniere
  • Bride’s grandfathers’ boutonnieres
  • Groom’s grandfathers’ boutonnieres
  • Male readers or honored participants in the ceremony’s boutonnieres

Flowers for Décor:

  • Main entrance arrangement
  • Aisle décor (like strewn flower petals)
  • Aisle chair decorations
  • Arch/Chuppah adornment


At Your Wedding in the Bahamas Reception

Flowers for Décor:

  • Escort table centerpiece
  • Guestbook table centerpiece
  • Gift table centerpiece
  • Flowers to decorate the cocktail hour’s passed trays
  • Cake table décor or flowers for on the cake
  • Bathroom(s) flower arrangements
  • Centerpiece for each dining table
  • Centerpieces for head table
  • Flower decorations at the buffet tables