Creative Engagement Ideas in the Caribbean

Caribbean sand proposal

There’s no doubt that the Caribbean is the perfect place for the grandest romantic gestures. From hosting your Caribbean wedding to enjoying a fabulous honeymoon or just going on vacation with the love of your life. You can also show off how much of a romantic you are by popping the “will you marry me?” question in one of the most amazing ways ever,  in the Caribbean!

While the Caribbean, with its beautiful beaches and clear blue water, sets the perfect stage, we realize a proposal takes more than just a beautiful sight to make it memorable. So, we’ve put together a couple of creative ways you can get engaged to your partner in the Caribbean. Of course, first of all, you’ll have to get your partner to your choice of Caribbean destination under the guise of going on vacation.

1.      Propose in the Sky

You could make plans with the skydiving company to propose in the sky. The proposal can be written in the sand, so your partner can read it as you soar in the air. Also, you could propose marriage to your partner by having your question flying up in the sky. You can do this by renting a plane/chopper to fly a banner that boldly inscribes, “will you marry me, XYZ?” or you can settle for custom fireworks that light up your question when they are set off.

2.     Propose Underwater

If you and your partner love snorkeling or ocean diving, you can make your proposal underwater. Also, the ring can be placed in a seashell hidden in a particular spot or in a treasure box for your partner to find.

3.     Propose on a Private Boat Trip

Caribbean proposal
Photo courtesy of Alfred Anderson Weddings

You could take your spouse on a tour of the island using a privately hired boat. And, while they soak up the beauty all around, you pop the question, “will you marry me?” An affirmative reply would mean there’s a cause for celebration. A candle-lit dinner for two with roses by the beach would be perfect!

4.    Plan a Private Sunset Dinner

Caribbean proposal
Photo by Jessica Bordner Photography

Oh well, this seems like something you could do back home. So, why travel all the way to the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic, to do that? We’ll tell you. A private dinner for two on the Caribbean beach with the sunset in the background is one of the most romantic dinners one can ever have. You can have a video of time together projected to remind your partner of your journey before popping the question.

5.     Propose With The Sands

Bahamas proposal
Photo: Caroline Lima Photography

If you don’t want to do anything too shocking or extreme, why not have the beautiful sands of The Caribbean ask the question, “will you marry me?” or its variations for you? You can do this spontaneously while taking a walk with your spouse along the beach, or you could go the entire nine yards and plan a grand gesture.

With these five creative engagement ideas in the Caribbean, your partner will surely be awestruck, and your proposal will be in their memory forever. However, executing these ideas may be challenging, so you’ll need the help of a professional planner. You can contact us at Chic Bahamas Weddings to help you come up with and execute different exciting engagement ideas in the Caribbean. We can also plan a proper destination wedding, where you first asked your spouse to marry you.