Destination Wedding Etiquette Tips

For couples planning a Bahamas wedding, here are helpful etiquette tips from Destination Weddings and

In general, how are the rules different for destination weddings?

I always shudder at the word rule and emphasize that etiquette is based on being respectful, considerate and honest — you do what’s going to make the most people feel comfortable. Use common sense and think about the guests from their perspective, whether you’re planning a destination or hometown wedding. There’s not always a single black-and-white answer other than applying these principles of etiquette.
— Peggy Post, author of Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette

What should the couple pay for?
The couple would cover the expense of housing their attendants, just as they would for out-of-town attendants traveling for a hometown wedding. However, paying for multiple nights’ accommodations can be a hardship for some, and every tradition is negotiable. Typically, the groom’s family, or the couple, pays for the rehearsal dinner, and the reception dinner is covered by the bride’s family, or by the couple. A couple doesn’t have to pay for planned activities at the destination, though some people choose to. When you send out travel information, include a note that explains what expenses you plan to cover.
— Pamela Lach, author of The Bride’s Etiquette Guide

What gifts are appropriate?
If the couple can pay for a group activity, welcome dinner, flights or accommodations for the bridal party or guests, that’s a huge gift in itself. I don’t think favors are required for any wedding, but I always think the welcome baskets are great. You can usually put them together without spending a lot of money, and they really help make guests feel at home.
— Post