Destination Wedding Planners Bahamas Are Here to Help You

Meeting your destination wedding planners Bahamas, experiencing your your location of choice, host hotel, tasting the cuisine for your chosen Bahamas wedding reception and experiencing the service are all important elements to planning a successful destination wedding.  Whenever possible, pre-wedding site visits are wonderful.  They give couples a chance to view venues first-hand and to visualize exactly how their magical day would look, experience weather and lighting conditions anticipated for their weddings in the Bahamas.

Destination Wedding Planners Bahamas Organize Your Pre-Wedding Site Visit

We had the opportunity recently to do a pre-wedding site visit with a lovely couple, Allison and Sebastian, who will be tying the knot at Turquoise Cay Boutique Hotel, Exuma, in the fall.  Prior to the couple’s arrival, a full itinerary of events was created by Chic Bahamas Weddings and appointments made with respective service providers..

The couple flew to the island for a four-night visit.  Pre-arranged airport round-trip transportation was made.  Allison and Sebastian were greeted at the airport by a driver who welcomed them with a cold towel and tropical drink, courtesy of Turquoise Cay Boutique Hotel, where they stayed during their visit.  While at the hotel, they had a chance to do two menu tastings in order to decide on a menu for their reception.  The exquisite tastings were done with wine pairings on two separate days.  Beverages, including a Signature Drink and French Champagne to be served to guests were selected, too.

Let Our Destination Wedding Planners Bahamas Help You Plan Your Big Day

Beaches of Outstanding Beauty

Very fun was our excursion to visit beaches for the couple’s ceremony.  What a surprise we had!  Expecting to visit only two beaches, Big Bay and Tropic of Cancer, we visited our driver’s favorite secret No Name beach of outstanding beauty … Oh, what an outstanding beauty it was!  Allison and Sebastian immediately fell in love with the No Name stunning beach.  So, prior to their wedding ceremony on the beach, we’ll give it a name.

Let Our Destination Wedding Planners Bahamas Are Here to Help You Plan Your Big Day

Allison and Sebastian also had a chance to take in Fish Fry at Sylvia’s.  This will be the venue for the couple’s authentic Rehearsal Event.

Not to be forgotten was a full day excursion to the Exuma Cays and Swimming with the Pigs.  Not to be forgotten were beauty treatments that Allison would like arranged for her wedding day.  So, I arranged for a make-up appointment.  Pre-wedding hair styling trial will be done wedding week when she returns for her big day at Turquoise Cay.

Let Our Destination Wedding Planners Bahamas Are Here to Help You Plan Your Big Day

Photo: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Your destination wedding planners Bahamas will work with you to plan all aspects of your wedding in the Bahamas.  Contact Chic Bahamas Weddings today to start planning your event.  We’d delight in helping you.