What to Put in Your Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Welcome bag note

Wedding welcome bags are a warm way to thank the guests who have traveled long distances to attend your Bahamas destination wedding. They also graciously welcome all of your loved ones to the wedding weekend.

As a Bahama wedding planner, I’ve helped many couples create bespoke welcome packages. These curated bags give their guests fun and useful items they can use while on their trip. And they are a personal way to welcome guests to the Bahamas and give them a taste of the islands.

Keep reading to discover the thoughtful ways you can customize your welcome bags and give your guests a hint of fun.

What to Put in Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Wedding welcome bags
Photo by Lyndah Wells Photography
Destination wedding welcome bag
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First, you must choose something to hold all of the goodies.

Tote bags are popular and can easily be customized to reflect your destination wedding. They’re also light and easy to pack, so your guests won’t have trouble returning them home.

You might also use a straw bag or a straw hat from the islands to carry the goodies. These are perfect for long days in the sun (pack a beach blanket and bottles of water). Plus, they’re travel-friendly and will remind friends and family of their time in the Bahamas. 

Once you’ve chosen your bag, it’s time to fill it with pretty and practical island delights. Here are some of my go-to ideas.

A Note to Say Hello

Eleuthera wedding welcome bag. Photo by Caroline Lima Photography
Wedding welcome bag
Photo by Caroline Lima Photography

A handwritten welcome letter or a printed custom note adds a personal touch and shows your guests how much you appreciate their time. 

Itinerary in your Wedding Welcome Bags

Photo : Caroline Lime

A beautifully designed itinerary keeps your guests informed of where to be and when with a timeline of events. It’s also a great way to remind guests of transportation arrangements and attire recommendations. 


There’s nothing like having a bottle of water nearby when you’re parched in the middle of the night. Consider attaching a custom label as a special touch or providing a reusable tumbler they can have throughout the weekend (and beyond).

Local Food and Drink

Give your guests a taste of the islands with a slice of Bahamian rum cake, homemade plantain chips, mini bottles of rum, and jams and jellies. It’s also nice to include sweet and salty snacks for when the munchies strike. 

Goods From the Area

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography
Photo: Lyndah Wells Photography

Let your guests hang on to their memories of your weekend by handpicking something exclusive to the Bahamas.

  • Straw Goods – Weaving items from dried palm leaves is a Bahamian handicraft. Straw markets are popular, and you’ll find everything from baskets and purses to hats and fans. 
  • Batiks – These brightly-colored fabrics feature island-inspired patterns like hibiscus flowers, seahorses, turtles, and shells.  
  • Wood Carvings – Whether it’s an ornamental tropical fish or a colorful carved bowl, your guests will cherish one of these handcrafted gifts.  
  • Luxury Items – Spoil your loved ones with locally made island body scrub, a scented candle, a plush beach towel, or a piece of Bahamian jewelry. 

The Essentials

Photo credit: Laura Dawn and Rachel Bench

The “just in case” items are sometimes what’s needed most. Think bug spray, sunscreen, aloe, sunglasses, an eye mask, tissue packets, hand sanitizer, stain remover, and waterproof room key holders, to name a few.

When to Give a Wedding Welcome Bag

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It’s up to you!

Some couples give them out during their welcome party. If you’re hosting at a private villa or estate, you could have a beach bonfire with cocktails and music and hand them out at that time.  Read more about wedding welcome bags.

Other couples opt to have the bags placed in each guest’s room to have a sweet surprise waiting for them when they arrive.

Either way, your guests get a thoughtful, bespoke experience. One of many when you plan with Chic Bahamas! 

Now, you might say, “This all sounds great, but how am I supposed to find all the items and arrange everything?”

Not to worry, my dear! No need to waste hours searching for the perfect tote or local rum cake. As your wedding planner in the Bahamas, I will help you source everything.

That’s the beauty of having a local planner and someone with inside knowledge. I know exactly where to go to get the items your guests will love. I’ll