Etiquette Tips for A Destination Wedding in the Bahamas

Never enjoyed the fun of a destination wedding, you’re missing out!  A destination wedding combines the best of both worlds. Warm sunshine, bonding with family, good friends, and vacation time away from home are vital benefits. But, most couples avoid destination weddings because they’re not quite sure how they work. Let’s take a look at some etiquette tips for a destination wedding in the Bahamas.  This will answer your most pressing questions.

When Should Save-the-Dates and Formal Invites Be Sent?

Bahamas wedding etiquette

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As soon as possible. Advance notice is essential to have as many people as possible join you from across the country or the globe for your weekend celebration. Save-the-dates can be sent 6 to 8 months in advance of your date. Formal invitations should be sent 2 to 3 months ahead of time. The time may seem excessive for a small wedding, but too soon is much preferred to too late.

Bahamas Wedding Etiquette: Who should we invite?

Bahamas wedding etiquette

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Those that matter most. The wonderful thing about destination weddings is that you no longer have the same etiquette-driven obligation. There’s no need to invite family members you never see, coworkers you do not like, or your dad’s poker buddies who call you by the wrong name. Now, you have an excuse. Other than that, it would help if you still planned on inviting those who matter most. Send save-the-dates to the entire proposed guest list.  Then, send a formal invite to just those who are most likely to come or express the intention to attend.

Is there an appropriate way to say “adults only?”

Bahamas wedding etiquette

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Yes. As is true with at-home weddings, some celebrations are not appropriate or ideal for children. Parents understand this. Instinctively, many parents will opt to leave the little ones at home for a destination wedding trip. To be sure, this can be noted on your wedding website or social media and can be spread through the grapevine by your bridal party. There are more sensitive ways to word the request than “no kids allowed,” such as, “The wedding party requests the company of adults. Children will be welcome at the post-wedding brunch at home on the 18th.” Something of this nature sounds more positive in etiquette tips bahamas wedding.

What information should we provide for guests, and how should we offer it?

Provide as much information as possible individually. It is good etiquette to include all of the ins and outs of travel arrangements.  Such things include itineraries, costs, phone numbers, regulations, and anything else that might be pertinent to the weekend. Reproduce this information on your wedding website. It’s most appropriate to send guests a printed information piece, too, for their convenience.

We do not advise social media newsfeeds with this information, as a majority of followers will not be attending. Further, it is not appropriate to send all of the travel documentation in the formal invitation or to anyone who is not a confirmed guest.

Can I have my destination wedding on a weekday?   

That depends. Guest circumstances and preferences determine this. Talk to the people who matter most, and see what works. For most families, this means that even fewer guests can swing it. Of course, this also depends on your culture, traditions, and school breaks.

Now that you know a bit more about destination weddings consider hosting your wedding on one of the temperate, picturesque Bahaman islands. Contact Chic Bahamas Weddings today for more information.