Planning An Exuma Bahamas Wedding: Venues, Tips & More

Exuma Bahamas Wedding

No doubt, traditional wedding ceremonies done in churches and ballrooms are beautiful! But, there’s nothing quite as magical as tying the knot outdoors, with the backdrop of a beautiful island and the waves crashing against the shore. As Bahamas wedding planners specializing in Bahamas destination weddings, we can guarantee that an Exuma Bahamas wedding offers an outstanding experience and many outstanding outdoor venue options.

The Exuma islands, strung out like jeweled stepping-stones across more than 120 miles of ocean, are the perfect destination for a Bahamas wedding. Renowned for their 19 shades of stunning blue waters and pristine powdery sand beaches, there really is no place more charming for a beach wedding. The islands are also home to some of the most exclusive private island resorts in the world, offering unique, secluded venues for a memorable Exuma Bahamas wedding.

Exuma Wedding Tips

Exuma Bahamas Wedding Ceremony
Photo: Dana Lynn Photography
19 Shades of Exuma Blue
Photo by Hunter Berry Photography

Yes, you will enjoy a unique experience when you host your special day on the Exuma Islands’ white sandy beaches. However, planning a luxurious destination Exuma Bahamas wedding is no easy feat, especially if it’s a sandbar beach wedding. But, not to worry, here are some Exuma wedding tips to help guide you.

1.      Select A Suitable Venue

You can host your outdoor Exuma Bahamas wedding at a public beach, private beach or the outdoor venue of a luxury resort. You can decide to have just the vow exchange ceremony at the beach and the reception indoors or dine alfresco on the beach. Whatever venue(s) you choose, ensure you select the most suitable for your needs and most comfortable for your wedding party.

If you’re holding the event at a public beach, ensure that you get the appropriate permit, if required. Then, choose a time of the day or an area of the beach that is less crowded so you can have some privacy – although most public beaches on Exuma are usually not overcrowded.

2.     Get The Dress Code Right

Of course, a beautiful wedding gown is a must for your special day. But, a formal ball gown with a long train won’t work for an outdoor Exuma wedding. Instead, go for a simple and elegant gown that won’t pick up debris as you walk down the aisle. It should also be made from light fabric that won’t cause you to overheat during the ceremony on the beach or in the garden. Also, replace the veil with a fascinator or fresh flowers, especially if it’s going to be windy, and do your hair up to prevent it from flying around and getting into your face. Ditch the heels for wedge shoes to avoid the hassle of sinking into the sand. If you’re going for a more casual look, you can stroll down the sandy aisle barefoot and free.

3.     Give Guests a Heads Up

Besides notifying your family and friends that your wedding will be a destination wedding so they can plan for the trip, you should also give them a heads up about the outdoor venue. Knowing the ceremony would be held outdoors on the beach will enable them to pack appropriately for the trip. In addition, you can offer welcome packages containing sunscreens, sunglasses, and flip-flops to ensure your guests’ comfort.

4.     Hire an Expert Exuma Wedding Planner

Get the extra stress of planning a destination wedding off your shoulder by hiring a professional planner with experience planning Exuma weddings. Like us at Chic Bahamas Wedding, an expert planner will handle all the preparation to meet your expectations. Beyond venue décor and dining menu, you won’t have to worry about ensuring your wedding venue décor is windproof or getting a microphone windscreen, so the wind doesn’t disrupt your vows.

5.     Have a Plan B

Even if the weather forecast says it won’t rain on your special day or your ceremony will hold in the morning, mother nature can be unpredictable. So, ensure you have a backup plan for when the weather condition changes. You can get a plan B indoor venue to keep your wedding party dry if it rains or a canopy to keep everyone cool when the sun gets hotter than planned

Private Villa Exuma Wedding Venue

Private villa Exuma bahamas wedding
Photo: Kiana Grant Photography

Although there are numerous beautiful wedding venues in the Exuma islands, you may want to consider hosting your Exuma wedding at a private villa for an exclusive, luxurious experience. Here are some of the top Exuma villas we recommend.

Exuma Bahamas beach
Photo: Hunter Berry Photography

Turquoise Cay

Turquoise Cay wedding ceremony on Exuma Bahamas
Turquoise Cay. Photo by Dana Lynn Photography.
Indoor reception at Turquoise Cay. Photo: Dana Lynn Photography

No matter the direction you turn in Turquoise Cay, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the glistening turquoise waters of Exuma. This magical Exuma wedding venue nestled in a turquoise cove outside George Town, Exuma can host up to 100 guests. You can walk down the aisle on the private sandy beach, or host an outdoor ceremony by the infinity pool with a magnificent backdrop of the turquoise water. There’s also a team of international chefs that will treat your wedding party to spectacular dining tailored to your taste.

The Exuma Outpost

Reception Dinner at Exuma Outpost
Photo by Alfred Anderson Weddings

The Exuma Outpost is the epic choice for a dreamy secluded Exuma destination wedding. The 6-room beachfront private villa, located in a cove on Little Exuma, offers a truly private celebration surrounded by your loved ones. It can house just 12 people, but you can rent additional beachfront homes within walking distance if you have more guests. You can host a beautiful sandbar wedding on the courtyard pool or the endless white sands of the Exuma beach that extends as far as the legendary Tropic of Cancer Beach. After tying the knot on the beach, you can opt to have an intimate wedding reception in the open dining area.

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Bougainvillea House Villa

Oceanside Ceremony
Photo courtesy of Donald Miraalle

Located on Great Exuma, Bougainville House is the only villa on the island surrounded by dozens of 60-foot mature coconut trees. This private villa, a popular vacation spot for celebrities, is an exotic location for an exclusive wedding ceremony. With two wings and a garden cottage, consisting of 6 king bedrooms, one bunk room, and two sofa-beds, you can use this private villa to host a wedding party of 20. Also, the layout of the house is fantastic and offers lots of privacy for large groups. You can exchange your vows on the private beach and then host your wedding reception on the rooftop “Sky Deck,” with a spectacular sunset view.

Elope To Exuma For Your Bahamas Wedding

If you’re dreading the stress and cost of hosting a destination wedding ceremony, it’s a great time to elope with the love of your life without feeling guilty. With the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the various travel restrictions, there’s no better time than now to get hitched in an exclusive ceremony in Exuma. You can elope to Exuma to exchange your vows and host an elaborate wedding ceremony at home later on (if you like). Keep in mind that eloping does not have to mean only you and your partner have to be in attendance. If you prefer, your Exuma elopement wedding can be an intimate or casual affair with just a few guests. Whatever choice you make, eloping will definitely reduce the cost of the ceremony, as well as relieve your guests of the cost of attending. Also, a private elopement Exuma wedding ceremony in 2021 is safer, as you can easily abide by the coronavirus prevention

Luxury Exuma Wedding Designed For You

A luxury Exuma Bahamas wedding on the beach is a magical experience that you deserve on your special day. The powdery white sand of the beach at your feet. The amazing background of the Exuma blue waters. Your gown floating in the air as you stroll down the sandy aisle. Just imagine the stunning pictures of you saying “I do” to the love of your life, surrounded by family friends.

At Chic Bahamas Wedding, you will get a unique Exuma wedding experience designed just for you. We are based in the Bahamas and have the contacts of exceptional local wedding service providers. Hence, we can handle every aspect of your ceremony, from the venue décor, makeup, and photography to the wedding reception menu and the cake. We can also organize fun activities for you and your guest before or after the wedding ceremony. Contact us today for a free consultation for the Exuma wedding of your dreams.