You Need To Know Getting Married in Bahamas Requirements

Getting Married in the Bahamas

Are you planning to say “I Do” in paradise Bahamas? For most couples, it is not enough to enjoy a honeymoon in the Bahamas because they also want to get married in this paradise. Wedding and event planners are here to assist you in planning and hosting the perfect destination wedding in the Bahamas.

Whether you want to organize a simple intimate small wedding or are looking for a lavish reception to host your family and friends, a wedding planner can help you. But still, before you make and finalize any plans and details for your destination wedding in the Bahamas, it is important to familiarize yourself with all of the legal requirements for marrying here. The Islands of Bahamas can be perfect to enjoy a dream wedding and romantic honeymoon. Whatever the wedding plan you choose, the Bahamas is capable of accommodating your every need.

What you need to do to get married in Bahamas?

The most important thing you need to get married in the Bahamas is a marriage license that will be issued in the Bahamas. You can’t use the marriage license from your own country here. However, the Bahamas marriage certificate is a legal document by the government of Bahamas that makes your marriage valid anywhere in the world. So, it is necessary to find out where and how you can get the one in the Bahamas.

How to get marriage license in Bahamas?

To get a marriage license in the Bahamas, you and your partner need to be here at least 24 hours before your wedding day to apply for the license at the office of Registrar General. However, there is an exception for the guests who are arriving on a cruise. But in that case, you need a letter from Guest Services or Pursar of Ship, to confirm that you have been in the waters of Bahamas for 24 hours. Two witnesses who are age 18 or older have to sign at your marriage. Witnesses are provided if required.

You will receive that marriage license the very day when applying. And this license can be valid for 90 days.

Is there any fee for marriage certificate in Bahamas?

Well, this is another common question that most of you may have in mind. Yes, there is a fee to apply for a marriage license in the Bahamas. For this, there is a $100 payable fee to the Department of Registrar General. This fee is paid before you get married here in the Bahamas.

Documents required for marriage license in Bahamas

There are certain document requirements which you need to follow in the Bahamas to apply and receive a Bahamas marriage license. Here we have a list of important documents that you need to consider in this regard:

1.      Getting Married in the Bahamas Requirements: Identity proof

At the time of applying for a marriage license, a valid passport must be presented by couples.

2.      Residency period proof

You need proof of your arrival date in the Bahamas. For this purpose, you can use your entry stamp in your passport or Bahamas immigration card to prove the date of your arrival in the Bahamas.

3.      Requirements for single

If single and getting married for the first time, affidavits of singlehood are required. A notary public authorized to administer oaths in the Bahamas can issue these. You will need to submit this document as proof that you have never get married before while applying for a marriage license. While, if you prefer, then you can make this declaration in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas with notary public or an attorney at law.

4.      Rules for couples Minor or aged below 18

Written parental consent is required to get married in the Bahamas if you are under 18. Consent forms are available to obtain at the office of General Registrar.

5.      Requirements for widowed  

If either part of you is widowed, the original death certification or a certified copy of your deceased partner is also required to be submitted here. Where applicable, a certified, translated notarized death certificate copy must be produced.

6.      Getting married in Bahamas requirements: Divorced

If either party of you has been divorced, then a certified copy or original final decree must be produced. However, where this is applicable, it is a must to provide, a valid, certified, translated a notarized copy of your final decree as proof of your divorce.

7.      Blood test

Applying for a Bahamas marriage license does not require a blood test.

Important Note:

The office of The Registrar in the Bahamas issues Marriage certificates and licenses. And this office stays open to the public Monday to Friday. So, make sure to plan your visit as per these working days. Your marriage license is processed as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Getting married in any other country can become complicated at times. Because other than their traditional counterparts, there are many things to do other than just picking a venue, and arranging your flowers and foods. Timing is king when a destination wedding is planned, The legal process and paperwork involved have created this. These can be stressful, daunting, and even extensive sometimes. Therefore, to ease this process, it’s always better to get an early start once you settle in the destination.

A wedding planner can not only handle all of your event details but can also be invaluable in these circumstances. So, be sure to hire one who has experience in planning weddings at your dream wedding destination. Because letting her handle all of the bureaucracy and paper-pushing on your behalf will certainly allow you a beautiful experience. Consequently, you will be able to focus more on other exciting aspects of your wedding. Got more questions? Read our FAQ page.