Hosting Your Bahamas Destination Wedding Safely and Conveniently

A Bahamas Destination Wedding

So, your dream has always been to celebrate the best day of your life in the Bahamas. Saying “I do” while surrounded by the Bahamas’ natural beauty is just the perfect way to begin marital bliss. Plus, all the benefits of a destination wedding in the Bahamas is simply amazing. But, in this time of coronavirus, it seems like an almost impossible dream to achieve.

A Bahamas Destination Wedding
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The thought of planning a destination wedding already feels overwhelming. Now add the several testing requirements and safety measures to go to the Bahamas, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of stress. However, the truth is, hosting your Bahamas destination wedding today is not much of a hassle than it was pre-COVID, as you’ll see in this post.

How To Travel To & Around The Bahamas For Your Destination Wedding

Traveling to the Bahamas is as straightforward as it was before the pandemic. Of course, the experience isn’t exactly the same, as there are a couple of changes to ensure health safety. Nevertheless, you can still catch a commercial flight from major cities in the U.S., Canada and other countries to Nassau, and even Paradise Island and Freeport. Just ensure that you meet the COVID-19 travel requirements to the Bahamas. When you arrive, you can get around via taxis and private car hires, if your destination wedding venue is at Nassau.

On the other hand, if your destination wedding venue is on one of the numerous Out Islands with miles of safe space for physical distancing, there are several modes of travel available. From the Nassau airport, you can travel via Bahamasair, the inter-island air service. You can also avoid the uncertainty of getting a connecting flight by hiring a private plane from Nassau. Most of the Out Islands have at least an airstrip where a private plane can land. Other options to get around the Bahamas include seaplanes, water taxis, and private yachts.

Hosting A Bahamas Destination Wedding is Still Convenient Despite COVID-19

A Bahamas Destination Wedding
Photo courtesy of Alfred Anderson Weddings

The need to take a rapid antigen test on your fifth day of stay in the Bahamas, and then another COVID test to re-enter the U.S. or your home country, sounds stressful and inconvenient. Where and how do you take the test in the Bahamas? It certainly won’t be fun wasting the time you ought to spend bonding with the love of your life tracking down an approved testing center. Your concern is legit, but you don’t have to worry.

There are several approved rapid COVID testing centers already in place in the Bahamas for convenient testing. Also, some hotels, such as Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and the Ocean Club Four Seasons, have coronavirus rapid testing facilities on their premises for guests. So, you can take the test and obtain the negative result to meet the requirement for your return back home, without much hassle.

Furthermore, concierge services are available in several Bahamas destination wedding hotels to make your stay convenient. Your hotel concierge can help with booking a safe ride or tour around the island, reserving a table at a restaurant, and assisting with any special needs you may have. With an excellent concierge service and a superb destination wedding planner like Chic Bahamas, all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your Bahamas destination wedding.

Host an Unforgettable Outdoor Destination Wedding in The Bahamas

An Outdoor Bahamas Destination Wedding
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Yes, the pandemic has changed everything and introduced us to new habits like social distancing, wearing masks, and regular handwashing. But, you don’t have to give up on your dream of hosting your wedding in the Bahamas. You can still have an unforgettable outdoor wedding ceremony despite everything – Say “I do” by the tranquil waters of Rosewood Beach, exchange your vows at “The Point,” perched above the glistening waters of Emerald Bay at the Grand Isles Resort, or walk down the aisle in the multi-tiered lawns of the Versailles Garden of the Ocean Club Resort.

Need help ensuring your Bahamas destination wedding goes smoothly?

Reach out to us at Chic Bahamas to help plan and coordinate the Bahamas destination wedding of your dreams, and give you peace of mind. With our expert Bahamas destination wedding planners, hosting your wedding in the Bahamas during this pandemic won’t be as much of a challenge as it seems.