How to Choose the Perfect Bahama Wedding Venue

You’re engaged (congratulations!) and dreaming of the perfect place to make your union official. Choosing the Bahamas as your destination means you’re already on the right track. The beautiful blue waters and swaying palms are always a welcome delight. 

Your wedding is a unique celebration and experiences you want to share with your closest friends and family. And you know that choosing a venue is an essential first step. But how do you know which one is the best fit? Especially when fabulous resorts, hotels, and villas dapple every island?

I’m here to help, Dear! Ask yourself the questions below. Your answers will give you a better idea of your desired Bahama wedding venue.  

The Perfect Bahama Wedding Venue: Where do you want to get married?

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography
Perfect Bahama Wedding Venue
The Exuma Outpost. Photo by Eliza Jane Willey

Choosing the right location matters because every island has a different vibe. 

Tourist destinations like Nassau and the Grand Bahamas are where the city meets paradise. You’ll have an array of venues to choose from amidst the hustle and bustle. On the plus side, areas are more accessible, as opposed to more off-the-beaten-path venues. The downside is you’ll likely have onlookers at your beach ceremony. 

The Out Islands offer more seclusion. Eleuthera is one of the most historic isles in the outer collection and a favorite among destination couples. You’ll find luxury resorts and private villas along deserted white sand beaches.

Browse our blog for advice and information on the best places in the Bahamas to get married. Research each island on your own. Or, save time, and let us help you find the perfect venue!

What kind of experience do you want for your wedding weekend?

Perfect Bahama Wedding Venue
Photos by Alfred Anderson Weddings
The Abaco Beach Resort. Photo by mhpandco

Think about the activities and entertainment you want to incorporate into your wedding weekend

If swimming with pigs sounds like a must-have experience, you should consider venues in the Exuma Cays. If dolphins are your animal of choice, you’ll find plenty of swim sessions out of Nassau and the Grand Bahamas.

And what about entertainment options for your perfect Bahamas wedding venue? A private villa or estate is your best option if you want to host a welcome party on the beach, complete with a bonfire and acoustic music. Venues in the Out Islands are also ideal for couples who wish to have fireworks, as there are typically no regulations.

Opportunities to hire junkanoo performers, dancers, and musical entertainment are also available. But you’ll need to check with potential venues to see what’s permitted and what rules are in place.  

What are your needs?

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island. Sara Kauss Photography
Perfect Bahama Wedding Venue
Staniel Cay Beach. Photo courtesy of Hynter Ryan Photography
Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Photo by Hunter Ryan Photo
Rosewood Baha Mar. Photo courtesy of Alfred Anderson Weddings
Perfect Bahama Wedding Venue
Photo by Caroline Lima Photography

If this feels like an overwhelming question, I understand. It’s a lot to think about! But I can help you break it down to get to the heart of what will fulfill your vision. 

  • Are you looking for an all-inclusive experience?
  • How many guests do you need to accommodate?
  • Will you want to extend your stay for your honeymoon? 

We’ll also talk about your overall design needs. And whether you want a hard-surface aisle, a sandy walkway, or a manicured lawn.

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding in the Bahamas and many factors to consider when searching for a venue. At times, it may feel like a treasure hunt! But, as your Bahamas wedding planner, I’ll view your needs and wants and make recommendations based on those desires. 

I’ve worked in some of the best Bahama wedding venues you’ll come across – and some you won’t. And I’m happy to help you find the perfect one. Let’s talk.