How to plan a perfect destination wedding

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A destination wedding can bring a lot of excitement. But at the same time, it can be stressful to organize perfectly. Because you will be doing it far from the place you are living in. Therefore, there are a lot of things you have to consider from managing group flight bookings, hotel bookings to hosting an enjoyable ceremony. Management of a number of other logistics is also such as the declaration of a wedding ring to following legal and custom marriage requirements, etc. Here, you certainly, need strong support to manage all of these things in a more effective way. To help you simplify the process of destination weddings we have highlighted some important tips for you to consider. We will help you to cover the major miles points of this process.

Tips to plan a destination wedding perfectly

Here are a few tips which will let you plan your destination wedding perfectly:

1.      Envision your big day

Bahamas wedding reception
An outdoor wedding overlooking the ocean. Photo by Caroline Lima Photography.

When you start thinking about your wedding, then it is always amazing to think big. However, envision your wedding day and identify. Whether you want your wedding on a white sandy beach or in the middle of a big city. Understand the whole picture clearly. Because you can never focus on other details if your vision isn’t clear.

2.      Pick a meaningful destination

Once you have envisioned your settings, now it’s time to choose the destination where you will say “I do”. If you want to spend long days with sunshine then a tropical island can be perfect for you. Maybe you are more adventurous or planning something more amazing. Then, a Luxury Bahamas wedding can also be an incredible option to consider. However, make sure to choose the place that can be a safe bet. Your destination wedding location must be easy to reach for everyone. Also, going for the place which is reasonably priced and offering direct flights from your home location is also effective.

3.      Don’t forget to consider weather while selecting your day

When it comes to setting a date for your wedding day, then make sure to consider the weather. Because bad weather can make your day bad. Consider your wedding location and choose a cool yet bright day to enjoy your big day to the fullest.

4.      Research marriage laws and requirements of your destination

Before jetting off to any far-flung destination, research properly to understand the marriage requirements of that place. Make sure that there is no strict residency or any other requirements for a wedding that you can’t meet. This is important to consider. Because proper research in this regard can make you steer in the right direction when planning your perfect destination wedding.

5.      Hire a planner you can trust

Perfect destination wedding | luxury Bahamas wedding planner
Our lead planner and owner, Marva Munroe. Hire a professional wedding planner. Credit:: Caroline Lima Photography.

It is more amazing to hire a professional wedding planner locally. Because a local wedding planner who you can trust is able to facilitate on your behalf. Make sure to have a look at her portfolio to determine the quality of her services. If your selected planner has designed destination weddings you love, then this can be a good match. A planner can handle the finer details more effectively. Consequently, you can host your big day in a relaxed state.

6.      Notify your guests in advance

When it is about planning to perfection, you must send invitations to your guests before time. Consider sending invitations to your guests at least three months before, if not sooner. You can also consider dropping links about a year prior. Thus, people can block out that date on their calendars and can manage things without any stress.

7.      Consider your guests

Nassau wedding venue Grand Hyatt Baha Mar
Nassau destination wedding venue Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

When it comes to managing accommodations for your guests, then it is important to put them in a reasonably priced hotel. Make sure to find an affordable spot to live that is at your wedding venue or not far from your wedding venue. This will not only better to accommodate your guests but can also be effective to easily reach the venue.

8.      Make a visit in advance

It can be ideal to visit your wedding destination in advance. Visiting your venue at least once before your wedding day will let you finalize details more effectively. Even if you have hired a wedding planner to deal with the things, still you should arrive at least 4 to 5 days before your wedding. This will let you make your decisions more effectively for your perfect destination wedding. And you can also do a trial of your hair and makeup.

9.      Tailor your attire to the destination

Perfect destination wedding
Ana’s chic Pnina Tornai dress was perfect for her Ocean’s Edge Atlantis wedding.
Photo: Jolana Babecek Photography.

When it comes to considering what you will wear on your big day, then again considering the weather is important. If the climate of your wedding destination is hot or humid, then make sure to consider a breathable dress. Lightweight lace can be stunning, like an embellished ball gown. Because you certainly don’t want to sweat through your wedding gown. However, if you are going for a cool destination then you can easily go with the heavier fabric.

10. Pack your wedding essentials safely before leaving

Packing is a stressful process even under most relaxed situations too. but when it is about packing your essentials for a destination wedding, then there are certain things you can’t forget at home. Therefore, make a complete list of stuff you need to pack. Arrange a separate carry-on and pack your essentials like the dress, wedding make-up, jewelry, tuxedo or suit, or wedding ring in that. Do not bring your wedding dress as checked luggage.

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