Is A Wedding Abroad Right For You?

Getting married abroad makes wedding planning easy and stress-free.  But, when most people get married, thoughts are about a local church or somewhere close to the entire family. This is great.  What most people don’t think about, though, is that now more than ever to get married abroad affords you an exotic wedding and a honeymoon.  There are certainly many benefits available if you wanted a beach wedding with your loved one. For example, getting married abroad is an experience unlike any other.  You can spend days after the wedding relaxing and soaking up the sun. It’s much less stressful.  You don’t need to worry about jetting off on your honeymoon after because you can have both your wedding and your honeymoon in the same place without any difficulty at all.

Getting Married Abroad: Sun, Sea, and Sand

Getting Married Abroad

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The great thing about getting married abroad is the weather. The hot sun and the sandy beaches bring relaxation on your special day.  You will also find that your wedding planner can help you plan it all.  Thus, you don’t need to worry about a thing. By hiring a Bahamas wedding planner, you can save yourself time, stress, and money so it is certainly an option worth considering.  Better yet, a Bahamas beach wedding is a real joy.  On an Out Island of the Bahamas, such as the Exumas, a ceremony on your own stunning, secluded, un-named beach can easily be made a reality by Chic Bahamas Weddings.

The Romantic Destination of Your Dreams

Getting Married Abroad

The Bahamas really is a romantic destination and it remains a personal favorite for those who have visited the area before. The Out Islands of the Bahamas are especially renowned for their dreamy, romantic charm.  The Abacos, Harbour Island, South Andros, Staniel Cay, Spanish Wells, West End are just a few of the Bahamas’ 700 islands and cays … all awaiting you and your guests.  When you have your wedding in the Bahamas, you get sun, sea, sand, and everything in-between.  It really is the height of luxury.  With everything added together, getting married abroad isn’t much more expensive when compared to a standard local wedding.   Moreover, weddings in the Bahamas are now much more of a reality for most people.

Convenient for Travel

Getting Married Abroad

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The Islands of the Bahamas are located just off the coast of South Florida. Flying directly into North Eleuthera or George Town Exuma is very convenient.  Most Out Island destinations are serviced directly from Miami or Fort Lauderdale.  Non-stop direct flights from Atlanta and Charlotte fly directly into selected Out Islands.  Getting married abroad is easy.  Contact us today to begin planning your Bahamas destination wedding!