Luxury Wedding Venues For A Bahamas Elopement

Bahamas wedding elopement

So, you’re ready to say “Yes” to spending the rest of your days with the love of your life. You want something small and intimate, but not Las Vegas tacky. Well, you don’t have to say “I do” in a dingy church. You can elope to luxury wedding venues in the Bahamas, and have the wedding of your dreams. Continue reading to learn all you need to know to host the perfect luxury elopement wedding in the Bahamas.

5 Reasons To Plan a Bahamas Elopement Wedding

Bahamas elopement wedding
Oceanside Exuma Bahamas Elopement Wedding. Photo by Laura Dawn and Rachel Bench

An elopement wedding can help you get the wedding of your dreams solely on your terms. Unlike a traditional wedding, which usually has input from too many people, and at a point, it’ll start to look like someone else’s dream wedding. Eloping is also much more cost-effective. But, why should you elope to the Bahamas? Outlined below are some of the top reasons to have an elopement wedding in the Bahamas:

1.      Breathtaking Wedding Venues

Experience the most surreal setting. A sandbar Exuma Elopement Wedding is a must. Photo by Alfred Anderson Weddings

The Bahamas offers numerous breathtaking backdrops to say “I do”; from stunning pink sand beaches and fantastic views of the ocean to beautiful tropical botanical gardens and historical cathedrals. Depending on what you’d want your wedding to look like, The Bahamas offers you a wide range of spectacular destination wedding venue options.

2.     Luxury Hospitality

Luxury hospitality oceanside. Photo by Caroline Lime Photography

If you ever want to feel like royalty, The Bahamas is the place for you! What better time to feel like royalty than on your biggest day? The Bahamas offers exquisite lounging and accommodation befitting of royals for less. You wouldn’t need to break the bank to afford such luxury; it’s almost unbelievable.

3.     Fair Weather Condition

The Bahamas weather is pretty predictable. It’s warm all year round with light rainfall that does not last long. So, you can rest assured that your elopement wedding in The Bahamas can go smoothly without an erratic weather episode.

4.     Serene Environment

Bahamas wedding elopement
Photo courtesy of Hunter Ryan Photography

Perhaps this is the most attractive reason to have your elopement wedding in the Bahamas. Despite the luxury and beauty of The Bahamas, it manages to be quiet most of the time. The peace and quiet, especially in the Outs Islands, afford you and your spouse more intimacy and privacy.

5.     Romantic Honeymoon Spots

You can start your honeymoon in the Bahamas immediately after exchanging your vows. You can relax on the beach, get pampered in luxurious spas, and indulge in numerous fun activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming with sharks are some of the most unforgettable activities to do as a couple. You can also go on boat tours, visit national parks, and explore museums and old cathedrals. 

Tips for Planning a Bahamas Elopement Wedding

Just like a regular wedding, you need some planning to host a successful elopement wedding. And, since The Bahamas is likely unfamiliar territory, you need all the help you can get to host a successful elopement wedding. While you can reach out to us at Chic Bahamas Weddings anytime, we’ve put together a few tips to help you better plan your Bahamas elopement wedding.

  • Choose your wedding theme: Before booking or making reservations, first decide on your wedding theme. Do you want a sandbar or beach wedding? Or, you prefer a resort destination wedding? The theme will determine the kind of event you’ll have and the venues that will meet your needs best.
  • Have a budget: Don’t go in blind. Although the Bahamas is affordable for destination weddings on a budget, defining your budget is important. Have a budget earmarked for the entire ceremony and discuss this with your planner to get the best service within your budget.
  • Consider the weather season before picking a date: While The Bahamas generally has fair weather all year round, there are periods when it is windier than usual. There’s also hurricane season, and you want to be careful about that. Usually, any time between April and May is an excellent choice!
  • Be an early bird: You are not the only one planning an elopement wedding. Elopement weddings in the Bahamas are now a thing that most couples want. So, to get the choicest venues, accommodation, and other touring activities, you should book ahead.
  • Gather the necessary documents: To marry legally in The Bahamas, and have your marriage acknowledged all over the world, you’d need some documents, such as your birth certificate, for the wedding paperwork. Ensure you have all of them ready before you get on the plane. 
  • Arrive early: In addition to the necessary documents, for your Bahamas destination wedding to be legal, a 2-day residency is required. That is, you have to arrive at least two days before the ceremony. You can use this time to file your wedding paperwork and check out your wedding venue.   

Top 4 Luxury Wedding Venues To Elope In The Bahamas

With over 700 islands and 2000 cays in the Bahamas, there’s an abundance of destination venues to choose from. However, when it comes to luxury that understands the essence of eloping, you have to choose from these top four luxury wedding venues in the Bahamas:

1.      Exuma

When it comes to tying the knot outdoors, the Exumas offers the best luxury wedding venues to elope in the Bahamas. There’s no place in the Bahamas more charming for a beach elopement wedding. You can exchange your vows on Emerald Bay Beach on Great Exuma or Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma. In addition, Exuma offers amazing luxury resorts and luxury villas with stunning venues. The Grand Isle Resort and Spa on Great Exuma and the Exuma Outpost on Little Exuma offer breathtaking backdrops to say “I do.” You can also choose to host your wedding reception in an outstanding restaurant with an amazing view, such as Blu Exuma.

2.     Eleuthera

Eleuthera is a secluded island that offers several amazing wedding venues for an unforgettable elopement wedding in the Bahamas. Walk down the aisle barefoot on Pink Sand beach to say “I do” to the love of your life. Or, exchange your vows on a cape extending to the sea known as Barefoot Bluff. You can stay in one of the Cove Eleuthera’s luxury villas, as well as host an elegant wedding reception in the resort’s beautiful destination wedding venues.  For a more private ceremony with no more than 6 guests, book the Heron Hill House, a villa atop a 60ft ocean bluff.

3.     Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells is a tiny fishing village located on St. George’s Cay, just off the north-western tip of Eleuthera. If you’re looking to elope to the Bahamas with just your partner, this quaint, charming island is the perfect luxury wedding venue. You can have a spectacular sandbar wedding on a patch of sand in the middle of the ocean. Then, go scuba diving in the waters along Devil’s Backbone. There are also great spots to go crabbing, fishing, and kayaking.

4.     Staniel Cay

What better place to elope to in the Bahamas than a destination wedding venue where you can enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences? Staniel Cay, the Crown Jewel of the Bahamas Outs Islands, is a magical place that offers much more than the usual Bahamas activities: snorkeling, and boating. After tying the knot with the love of your life, you can indulge in fascinating activities like swimming with pigs and nurse sharks, and feeding almost-extinct iguanas.

Does Eloping To The Bahamas Sound Appealing?

No doubt, you can have the best wedding ever by choosing a luxury wedding venue to elope in the Bahamas. Just check out this childhood friend elopement in Exuma, this Little Exuma luxury villa elopement, and this elopement in Eleuthera we organized. If you’re ready to elope with the love of your life, you can contact us at Chic Bahamas Weddings to you plan an elopement Bahamas wedding of your dreams.