Married on a Boat in the Bahamas | Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Couple: Married on a Boat in Exuma, Bahamas

Would you love a unique wedding ceremony? How about getting married on a boat in the Bahamas (or, in this case, a Yacht!)? Exuma is a dream destination not only for the pristine turquoise waters and great year-round weather but for a variety of fun excursions and activities. Why only celebrate for a day when you can host an entire weekend in Exuma for your wedding?

Jeff visited Coco Plum Beach, Great Exuma, years ago with his family. The stunning 19 shades of crystal clear turquoise waters were etched in his memory. Thus, come time to marry, Great Exuma, without doubt, was the spot! We were thrilled to assist him and Nancy in planning their wedding weekend with two of our favorite venues – The ALL INN Motor Yacht and 23 North at the Grand Isle Resort & Residences.

Family and friends joined Nancy and Jeff for their incredible multi-event weekend celebration.


Nancy and Jeff’s wedding was an incredibly intimate experience. With. small number of guests, they wanted to celebrate the occasion uniquely, but also one that felt personal to them. When you love the ocean, spending time on a boat often comes hand in hand! The ALL INN yacht was the perfect experience!


It’s not uncommon for the wedding ceremony to feel quite short, because, it is! It’s the portion of the wedding day that often feels the quickest, but it is arguably the most important part! Our point is, that’s all the more reason to make it really memorable. A setting that takes your breath away is a great choice.

With less than 35 total guests, our couple enjoyed an incredibly intimate, personal ceremony on a yacht (with only the wedding party), while the majority of the remaining guests witnessed the nuptials from a boat. Talk about a stunning view and memorable experience for everyone!


One of our favorite venues in Exuma is 23 North at Grand Isle Resort & Residences. The setting is ideal for an outdoor reception- with beautiful oceanfront views, spectacular service and delicious food. Once the sun sets, it’s a magical experience to dance on the beach beneath the twinkling string lights!

A big dancer, Jeff danced the reception night away with the fabulous Rock With U Band! As did the guests! It was truly a party of a lifetime and so much fun to see the entire group let loose and soak up the Bahamas. When you’re here, you’re not only having an amazing celebration, but you can be on vacation too!