Nassau Bahamas Wedding Guide

Nassau Bahamas Wedding Guide

Saying “I do” in a stunning location with a picture-perfect backdrop is a destination wedding dream you can achieve anywhere in the Bahamas. But, unlike the quiet atmosphere of the Outs Islands, Nassau is bustling with excitement. The Bahamas’ capital city, Nassau, offers the best resort destination wedding experience in the country, numerous attractions, and vivid nightlife. If you want to enjoy the exciting energy of a big city during your Bahamas destination wedding, then continue reading this Nassau Bahamas wedding guide to learn more.

Why Host a Nassau Bahamas Destination Wedding?

Photo by David Paul Photography

The reason to host a Nassau Bahamas wedding is simple – you’re guaranteed more than just sun and sand. Yes, you can have a beautiful beach wedding in Nassau. But, there’s also an abundance of luxury resorts with vibrant landscapes and stunning venues to celebrate your special day. Not to mention elegant Victorian mansions and ancient forts where you can tie the knot.

If you’re religious, there are numerous beautiful churches where your union can be blessed, including the Anglican cathedral where Queen Elizabeth II worshiped. And, if you’re looking for something extraordinary, you can have an underwater wedding with a small number of guests. Then, after exchanging your vows, host an outdoor or indoor wedding reception at your resort, or one of the 5-star restaurants with Michelin-starred chefs in the city.

Furthermore, there’s so much to do in Nassau beyond the usual water-sport activities like snorkeling and diving. During your honeymoon, you can go shopping in boutique stores, explore historical and cultural attraction sites, try different mouthwatering dishes from conch shacks, and go dancing in the nightclubs. The Queen’s Staircase, the Pirate Museum and the Straw Market are some of the must-visit attraction sites you should check out.

Top Favorite Nassau Bahamas Wedding Venues

When it comes to Bahamas wedding venues, Nassau has some of the best luxury resort wedding venues to host your dream Bahamas destination wedding like no other place. Outlined below are our top favorite Nassau Bahamas wedding venues we always recommend.

1.      The Ocean Club Four Seasons

Beach Deck wedding ceremony at The Ocean Club. Photo credit: Heather Carey Photography
Ocean Club Four Seasons Ceremony
The Cloisters Ocean Club Four Season wedding ceremony. Photo by Lyndah Wells Photography

“True Paradise On Paradise Island” – that’s how guests describe the Ocean Club Four Seasons. No doubt, the happiest day of your life can be a fairytale brought to life at this paradise resort. Imagine walking down the aisle on stone pathways, surrounded by the lush blooms of purple-hued bougainvillea and the marble statues of Cupid and Psyche gazing down at you – definitely the stuff of romantic movies set in paradise.

The Ocean Club Four Seasons’ Versailles Garden is a magical Nassau Bahamas wedding venue you can’t find anywhere else. You can exchange your vows at the top of the terraced garden with the dramatic arches of the 12th century Augustinian cloisters as a spectacular backdrop. Then, host a beautiful wedding reception at the Versailles Pool Terrace overlooking the Versailles Garden or the Beach Deck with a stunning view of the Bahamas’ turquoise waters.

2.     The Rosewood Baha Mar

Nassau Bahamas Wedding Guide
Afternoon beach wedding ceremony at The Rosewood. Photo courtesy of Alfred Anderson Weddings
Photo: Alfred Anderson Weddings
Nassau Bahamas Wedding Guide
Vibrant tropical tablescape. Reception Dinner. Photo: Alfred Anderson Weddings

A chic beachfront romance. A stately affair with hundreds of guests. A glamorous garden ceremony with a few guests. However you picture your Nassau destination wedding, Rosewood Baha Mar has the venues you need to make your wishes for your big day come true. This luxury resort which is part of the Baha Mar trifecta – Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and SLS Baha Mar, is one of the most picture-perfect Nassau Bahamas wedding venues.

The Rosewood Baha Mar also offers numerous luxury amenities that you can indulge in before and after your ceremony. The bachelors’ party can go golfing during the day and hit the casinos at night, while you and the girls can enjoy a luxurious spa by day and go dancing in the clubs by night. Furthermore, it’s just a stone’s throw to many different activities you can explore in Nassau, including water activities, art classes, culinary experiences, and shopping.

3.     The Island House

Garden wedding at The Island House. Photographer: Chaz Cruz
Island House Nassau Wedding Reception
Terrace Wedding Reception, The Island House. Photo: Chaz Cruz

When you host your Nassau Bahamas wedding at the Island House, your guest won’t be able to stop saying great things about your wedding ceremony. This boutique hotel’s expansive lawn and beautifully-kept grounds is the perfect Nassau wedding venue for a cozy celebration with friends and family. Not to mention the stylish cottages, beautiful suites, and outstanding amenities that will make your wedding ceremony a fantastic experience.

Furthermore, the Island House is located on the west side of the island, away from Nassau’s tourist crowds. It’s just 5-minutes away from a more or less private beach where you can host a private wedding ceremony. Then, you can have your wedding reception on the hotel’s expansive event lawn. It also has three restaurants and bar, a luxury spa and an indoor cinema that you and your guests can enjoy during your stay.

FAQs about Nassau Bahamas Destination Weddings

Now that you’ve decided on having a Nassau Bahamas wedding, you likely have a million questions. Although you can reach out to us at any time, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Nassau destination weddings that we get.

Yes, your Nassau marriage is legal everywhere in the world. All you have to do is ensure you get the proper Bahamas government marriage license. You will need some documents to get it, such as a valid means of identification and a copy of divorce or death certificate if previously married. Also, you need to be in the Bahamas for at least a day prior to application, and you and your partner must apply in person.

What are the best months of the year for a Nassau Bahamas wedding?

The best months of the year for Nassau Bahamas weddings are April-May and October-November. This is due to several reasons which you can read here. Nonetheless, you can host your Nassau destination wedding at any time of the year, as the Bahamian weather is quite good all year round, compared to other places.

How do I get to Nassau? What do I need?

If you’re in the U.S., you can catch a flight from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, and several other states. From Canada, there are flights out of Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. Whereas in Europe, you can fly from London, Manchester, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Zurich, Milan, Moscow, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brussels.

You’ll need your passport, a visa (depending on citizenship and length of stay), and a travel health visa. In this times of Coronavirus, you’ll also need the result of a COVID-19 PCR test taken not more than five days before your trip. Another rapid COVID-19 antigen test is required if staying more than five days. 

Do I have to bring my makeup artist and photographer for my Nassau Bahamas wedding?

No, you don’t. There are so many local professionals that you can hire for your wedding ceremony. However, it’s better to work with a local wedding planner who can handle everything like we do at Chic Bahamas. Our lead planner, Marva Munroe, has the connections of the top wedding professionals in the Bahamas. Thus, we work with a network of local professionals and vendors to ensure a hitch-free wedding for all our clients.

How much should I budget for a Nassau Bahamas wedding?

A Nassau Bahamas wedding can cost anything from $XXX (please fill in the amount). Nevertheless, you can reach out to us at Chic Bahamas to plan your dream wedding according to your budget. Whatever your budget is, you can host your dream wedding ceremony in Nassau, depending on the number of guests and your needs.

Ready to start planning your Nassau Bahamas wedding?

Nassau Bahamas wedding offers many spectacular options for a luxury destination wedding with a big city feel. Contact us today at Chic Bahamas Wedding to learn more about your options for the wedding of your dreams in Nassau, Bahamas