5 Reasons to Host Your Bahamas Wedding at The Ocean Club (Formerly One & Only Bahamas)

Are you dreaming of a luxury Bahamas garden wedding? Do intimate gardens with ancient architecture, stepped garden terraces come to mind when you think of your Bahamas destination wedding? Don’t miss The Ocean Club in Paradise Island, formerly the One & Only Bahamas.

The Ocean Club Bahamas – A Four Seasons Resort in Paradise Island Nassau delivers this stunning setting and more.  Bahamian beach chic, the air at The Ocean Club is that of a polished, sophisticated private estate.  With multi-tiered lawns surrounded by lush greens and purple bougainvillea blooms, it’s exactly what couples crave for a luxury destination garden wedding in the Bahamas.

If you’re thinking of having a Bahamas garden wedding, here are five reasons to host it at the Ocean Club Four Seasons, Paradise Island.

1.     The Most Magical Gardens in the Bahamas

The Ocean Club offers the most romantic garden venue to say ‘I do’ in its Versailles Garden and Cloisters Garden. The quirky Cupid and Psyche statues and the fish pond at the crown of the stair-stepped Versailles Garden make this Bahamas garden wedding venue genuinely enchanting. While the Cloisters Garden, with the 12th-century Augustinian cloisters in the background, offers a stunning outdoor ambiance.

2.   Bahamas Garden Wedding – Beautiful Architecture

Luxury Bahamas Garden Wedding

 Photo by Lyndah Wells Photography

Besides the gorgeous dresses, the reason we all love Disney movie weddings is the show of luxury in ancient castles. The Ocean Club would give you the opportunity to be a real-life princess on your wedding day, with the grand staircases in the Versailles Garden and the beautiful architectural backdrop of captivating ancient ruins in the Cloister Garden.

3.     Picture-Perfect Weather

The Ocean Club is located on Paradise Island, which has excellent weather for the perfect pictures of your wedding ceremonies. And, if rain falls on your day, you can host your wedding reception on the covered Versailles Pool Terrace, overlooking the Versailles Garden.  What’s more, with the slight rainfall comes a burst of the rainbow that will make a colorful skyline for that perfect, made-in-heaven photograph. 

4.     Super Clear Turquoise-Colored Waters

Bahamas Garden Wedding

Photo by Heather Carey Weddings

The Bahamas is known for its beautiful turquoise-colored waters. However, the Ocean Club has one of the super clear private turquoise-colored waters on the island. Why is this important? Your destination wedding in the Bahamas would be incomplete without an underwater photograph with the love of your life. With the super clear waters at the Ocean Club, your underwater pictures will be simply breathtaking!

5.     Superb Cuisines

Luxury Bahamas Garden Wedding

Photo: Heather Carey Weddings

What’s a destination wedding party without exquisite food? The Ocean Club understands your need for excellent meals, and so offers a plethora of cuisines ranging from Asian to French and Mediterranean. You also get to explore seafood options made with Bahamian spices. There’s also a range of signature Bahamian cocktails you can explore with your spouse, family, and friends.

Are you interested in hosting your One & Only Bahamas wedding at the Ocean Club?

There are numerous Bahamas destination wedding venues to host an elegant, picturesque wedding. But, when it comes to the Bahamas garden weddings, the Ocean Club is the best venue for your special day. However, hosting a dream wedding at the Ocean Club requires more than just booking a date with the resort.

Fortunately, Chic Bahamas Weddings is available to help you plan your dream Bahamas wedding. Our Bahamas wedding planners will ensure everything is organized to your taste, instead of a generic wedding ceremony, as well as negotiate the best deals to cover all your wedding services and accommodation.

You can reach out to us today to find out how we can help and to start planning your event.