Planning Your Out Islands Bahamas Wedding in Paradise

When people think about a Bahamas wedding paradise, they often picture Nassau or Grand Bahama. Most people, however, don’t know about the beautiful and remote Out Islands. Wrapped around a large reef system and filled with a rich history, the chain of islands are far removed from the mainland. From pleasure-filled vacations to luxurious destination weddings, the Out Islands have something to offer everyone. They create the perfect setting for a Bahamas wedding paradise.

Historical Landmarks on the Out Islands

The Out Islands are replete with natural beauty – an attribute that has drawn attention since the islands’ first settlers arrived in approximately 400 AD. Though not officially founded as the Bahamas at the time, Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492 would lead to what is now known as The Islands of the Bahamas. Still surviving after many years, the following landmarks lure history buffs from countries afar:

Deveaux Mansion

Your Guide to the Out Islands of the Bahamas Wedding Paradise
  • Located on Cat Island, Deveaux Mansion is still standing after more than three centuries. Once owned by U.S. Navy leader Col. Andrew Deveaux, the mansion is a popular historical attraction.

Loyalist Cottage

Your Guide to the Out Islands of the Bahamas Wedding Paradise
  • A fine example of architecture, the Loyalist Cottage is located on Harbour Island and is more than 100 years old. Nearby, St. John’s Anglican Church serves as a 250-year old memento and a quaint wedding location.


Your Guide to the Out Islands of the Bahamas Wedding Paradise
  • Not commonly found on the islands’ land, shipwrecks in Andros Island, Bimini, and The Abacos are worth the dive into the surrounding crystal blue waters.

While only 14 of the Out Islands are inhabited., hundreds of tiny islands within the Bahamas beckon visitors to explore the land and sea.

Bahamas Wedding Paradise: Exploring the Archipelago

Featuring pristine beaches and water so clear you can see to the bottom, the Out Islands are filled with fun activities. Whether you want an intimate Bahamas wedding or a serene honeymoon, explore the islands in the following ways:

  • Fishing. The ultimate Caribbean fishing destination, the Out Islands are easily toured by boat. The waters feature marlin, bonefish, and tarpon, accessible via charter boat or local fishing tour. Becoming local anglers, who help visitors experience the majesty of Bahamian fishing, is a goal of many entrepreneurs in the area.
  • Snorkeling and diving. There is no better way to experience shipwrecks, aquatic life, and coral reefs than diving and snorkeling in the Out Islands. During an underwater adventure, you may join a handful of other travelers who have discovered sunken treasures.
  • Golfing. Both the Great Exuma and Great Abaco are home to sprawling championship seaside golf courses. With acres of green and the option to golf whenever you like (no tee times required), golf aficionados are delighted to visit the Out Islands.
  • Island hopping. Charter a boat or take an island water taxi for a unique view of the Out Islands while learning more about the area’s history. From the remote locale of Acklins to the shores of Great Abaco, visiting multiple islands in the Bahamas is fantastic. It’s a great way to explore the Caribbean while enjoying the comfort of modern amenities nearby.

Combined with nature hiking and kayaking, the above options imbue the Out Islands with a variety of fun activities.

Island Accommodations: Far From Ordinary

Between all-inclusive luxury resorts and private beachfront hotels, there are many places to call home while you’re visiting the Out Islands. Furthermore, choose a location that complements your idea of the perfect Bahamas wedding paradise. A snapshot of local accommodations provides a view into the diversity of lodging options:

  • Sandals Emerald Bay. Nestled along a mile of immaculate sandy beaches, Sandals Emerald Bay provides guests with 500 acres of land to lounge, play golf, and enjoy gourmet island cuisine. Equipped with a large marina, Sandals features easy access to boats for island hopping.
  • Island HoppInn. Located on Fernandez Bay, Island HoppInn offers private oceanfront suites complete with satellite television, Wi-Fi, and other modern amenities. For wedding parties, this cozy resort serves as the perfect accommodation for a Bahamas intimate wedding.
  • Shanna’s Cove Resort. If couples want a cozy setting with the Bahamas’ best nature experiences nearby, Cook Island’s Shanna’s Cove Resort is the place to be. Featuring a restaurant, bar, and personalized beachfront service, Shanna’s Cove Resort provides 4-star accommodations and hospitality.
  • Rock House. A top-rated Harbour Island resort, Rock House is a boutique hotel with 10 suites, personalized service, and a superior location. Only a few steps away are the island’s famous pink sand beaches. Cushiony cabanas surrounded by palm trees and tropical flora provide a breezy setting perfect for relaxation.

With more than 100 hotels to choose from on the Out Islands alone, every couple is able to match accommodations with their unique personalities.

Start Forever on the Out Islands

Internationally renowned as the perfect location for a Bahamas intimate wedding, the Out Islands offer luxury in abundance. Whether you decide to have a small wedding or grand beachfront affair, consider the Out Islands’. There are many available settings to hold the wedding of your dreams. Furthermore, explore the benefits of saying your vows in the midst of a Bahamas wedding paradise:

  • The ceremony, reception, and honeymoon in one location. Traditional weddings can be a daylong affair, between traveling from the ceremony to the reception venue, then off to your honeymoon. With a destination wedding in the Out Islands, you benefit from having one convenient location for the entire event.
  • Minimal decorations needed with an option to go big. While sprucing up the island to create a grand affair is always a possibility, many couples opt for simple decorations. These complement the Out Islands’ naturally gorgeous scenery.
  • The built-in ambiance and unrivaled photo opportunities. Written initials in the sand to the sunset as a backdrop for stunning photos, marrying on the Out Islands provides organic ambiance and elegance.

Achieve your ideal wedding. Start forever with your spouse by exchanging vows in a tropical location on one of the Out Islands. For a seamless wedding beyond your expectations, hire an experienced design and planning company to manage the details. This company will create a Bahamas wedding paradise.

Experience an Unforgettable Bahamas Wedding

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