Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding

There are many things to consider in planning the perfect Bahamas wedding. You’ll have to choose your location, decide how to dress for the weather, and plan ahead for mishaps like unattractive tan lines. You deserve to have an unforgettable wedding, which is why these considerations must be accounted for, down to the bridal bouquet and floral arrangements. Read on to learn more about tropical wedding planning in the Bahamas.

Choosing a Location

There’s more to your Bahamas wedding than a beach. You’ll need to decide between a secluded spot and a more trafficked area. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. A popular beach may attract onlookers but has the advantage of easy access and being close to necessary facilities. A secluded beach, on the other hand, offers plenty of privacy.

If your ideal Bahamas wedding involves no crowds and minimal noise, a private location is ideal. Be forewarned, however: secluded locations can be difficult to access, which means you may have to forgo some components of the ceremony involving heavy equipment. One solution is to charter a boat to a secluded location on one of the many islands in the Bahamas, making the journey a fun part of the ceremony.

As with any location, whether secluded or heavily used, it’s critical to know the rules and regulations surrounding the property. Most major beaches are fully available for public use, but changes in tides may push your Bahamas wedding party onto a private location. Don’t risk having your ceremony interrupted because you’ve failed to plan ahead by ensuring you have the right permissions.

A number of resorts on popular beaches can help execute the perfect Bahamas wedding. Consider options like Pelican Bay at Lucaya, Deep Water Cay, Turquoise Cay Boutique Hotel, and more. It’s also an excellent idea to offer cocktails and food items incorporating local cuisine and flavor.

Dressing for the Weather

Steps to Your Dream Bahamas Wedding

We all love a beautiful ball gown, but such a garment will inevitably be cumbersome and uncomfortable for your Bahamas wedding on the beach. Skip the big dress and go for something light and airy. Avoid lace trim, since it can pick up unsightly beach sand and other debris. A fabric like chiffon or charmeuse can be equally as beautiful and will allow you to flow in the beautiful ocean breeze.

Be careful to avoid tan lines. If you or members of your wedding party – especially the bridesmaids – plan to swim or enjoy the beach prior to your wedding, keep them safe from the sun. Always wear waterproof sunscreen of an SPF of 30 or more, and reapply often to keep from getting sunburned the day before your wedding. For your guests’ welcome gift, offer a beach bag with sunscreen (along with a beach towel, a water bottle, and other practical items for beachgoers) in case anyone forgot to bring it.

You may also want to forgo the veil for your Bahamas wedding. If the beach is windy, your veil will blow all over the place, which could ruin the aesthetic of the photos. Keeping your hair down is also probably not the best idea, since you may end up looking windblown. Instead, try an updo for your hair with flowers to keep a polished look, or invest in a stylist who can provide touchups to help keep your hair looking fresh throughout the day.

Use comfortable footwear, such as sandals, wedges, or espadrilles – or go barefoot. Heels and sand simply don’t mix, and you don’t want to risk tripping because your foot has sunk into the sand.

Attention to Detail

Steps to Your Dream Bahamas Wedding

There are many wonderful ways to incorporate a tropical theme into the most intricate parts of your Bahamas wedding. The best part of planning a wedding in a natural setting is this: you already have a beautiful backdrop. As such, decorations can and should be minimal and reflective of this setting.

Consider, for instance, placing coral or a starfish in your wedding bouquet or on the groom’s boutonnière, or forgoing the flowers entirely and creating a unique bouquet out of seashells. Use bright, contrasting colors, like purple and yellow or orange and blue, as accents, such as in flower arrangements.

Another idea is to accent the wedding party’s look with brightly colored leis, or dress them in gorgeous bright dresses to make them pop out against the white sand. The male members of the wedding party can enjoy a similar color arrangement with bright ties or other accents.

Consider incorporating nautical themes into the setup. Elaborate sand castles, flower petal hearts, and starfish to line the aisle are all chic, beautiful ideas for an unforgettable tropical wedding. Use sand dollars or large shells as place cards to bring it all together.

These personal touches can also be incorporated into the pre-wedding process. For instance, add tropical themes to your save-the-date postcards and offer a small theme-appropriate gift attached to the package, like a lei or package of margarita mix.

Get Some Help

If all the various bits and pieces feel overwhelming, you’re not alone. There are a number of support systems available throughout the planning process. One place to start with your tropical Bahamas wedding is Chic Bahamas Weddings. Our highly experienced wedding planners can ensure your location is a smash hit, guests are looked after properly, and all details are taken care of.

One Bahamas wedding designer is Maypop Design, which takes its name from the fruit of the Passion Flower. Designers Susan Chitwood and Nita Lee Roberts offer gorgeous, classy tropical designs, including silk flowers, fresh color schemes, and more. Each design – incorporating lanterns, kissing balls, chairs, tents, screens, topiaries, accents, or any combination of the aforementioned – is tailored specifically to the clients’ particular wedding in their particular venue.

Ultimately, it all comes down to getting yourself in “island mode.” Your beach wedding should be peaceful and beautiful, fitting right into the island vibe, so take some time to breathe and enjoy the sun and sand. A wedding planner will take care of the rest.