Private, Secluded Weddings in the Bahamas

A secluded Bahamas wedding can be a magical way to spend one of the most beautiful moments of your life in complete solitude, away from the maddening crowds of tourists that stomp their way throughout the islands. And what better place for a perfect wedding venue then by the azure-colored waters of the magnificent Bahamas shoreline? Spend that special day and your new bond of lifelong commitment in one of the most serene settings on Earth, basking in the glorious sunshine of sun-kissed beaches while staying very close to nature.

Spread over a landmass of nearly 100,000 miles, the Islands of the Bahamas are scattered all throughout the Atlantic Ocean and for this reason alone are the perfect backdrop to any wedding celebration. Only 200 miles away from Florida, many people run to the Bahamas to escape the hectic way of life that governs the modern metropolis.

Bahamas Weddings in Nassau

Private, Secluded Weddings in the Bahamas

Elegant resorts await every visitor with exquisite amenities ranging from exotic fire pits to world-class spas. An aura of European sophistication ensures fine dining experiences for your guests and comfortable rooms with ocean views for a truly relaxing stay. Those who want to stay in the capital will find a large selection of such resorts at their disposition, such as the Royal Bahamian, which was once a hideaway for the Duchess of Windsor as well as the Beatles, or the One & Only Ocean Club with its perfect, white sand beaches and contemporary elegance.

Weddings in the Bahamas – Onward To Andros…

Private, Secluded Weddings in the Bahamas

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However, if you desire even more seclusion, why not spend your Bahamas wedding ceremony in one of the more remote islands that the country has to offer, such as Andros Island – home to a total population of 10,000. This island lacks all of the “commercialization” aspects of modern society and greets its visitors in the confines of what anyone would call paradise! But don’t let the utter remoteness of these locations fool you. There is a wealth of possibility to spend one of the most beautiful moments of you life in a way that memories will be forever cherished.

One of the most popular resorts on the Island and the perfect place to host your upcoming Bahamas wedding is the Tiamo Resort, which also puts together wonderful wedding packages for you and your guests. The secluded shores of this resort will ensure that your wedding will take place in private, quiet and peaceful surroundings, with only the sounds of nature as a bona fide accompaniment. Best of all, flights are inexpensive to this region of the Bahamas, making it an excellent location for unmatched tranquility and unrivaled natural beauty.

The great lodging options and utterly magical location of the hundreds of islands that make up this country can truly make it an ideal venue for your dream Bahamas wedding ceremony!