Reasons to Fall in Love with The Bahamas

So, you love the idea of a holiday or destination wedding in the Bahamas. The next step is choosing an island. There are many options for choosing your perfect destination.  But, many visitors and couples today are choosing the Bahamas for the following reasons:

Mother Nature Deciding Factor for Bahamas Visit

Fall in Love with the Bahamas

Valentine’s Resort and Marina, Harbour Island. Photo: Mario Nixon Photography.

The weather. Choosing a time of the year tends to depend on the weather. If hosting your wedding in the Bahamas, most couples in the United States don’t want to have a January wedding outdoors. If you choose the Bahamas, however, the weather is warm, sunny, and beautiful all year round. The average year-round temperature is 75 degrees.  Scheduling conflicts with other weddings or outdoor events your friends and family may want to attend can be easily brushed aside when you choose the Bahamas. Your schedule, rather than Mother Nature, is the deciding factor for a visit or a Bahamas destination wedding.

Natural beauty. Many visitors and couples choose a destination for the scenery. Some want a cityscape, but if you’re used to the city back home, a natural environment might be more appealing. The Bahamas is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. The trees, flowers, and beaches in the background will make your photos pop.

Fall in Love with The Bahamas: Wide Variety of Islands to Choose From

Fall in Love wit the Bahamas

Great Guana Cay, Abaco. Photo: Lyndah Wells Photography.


Fall in Love with the Bahamas

Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera. Photo: Mario Nixon Photography.

Options. With so areas of outstanding beauty in the Bahamas, there are a wide variety of islands to choose from. Choosing the Bahamas is just the beginning. With so many stunning natural vistas, you’ll be able to create a holiday or destination wedding of your dreams.

Diversity. Marva Munroe, CEO of, calls the Bahamas “one of the most diverse places to travel for a tropical vacation or destination wedding.” This doesn’t mean a lack of natural beauty or vacation and wedding experiences. Your Bahamas wedding or holiday can be customized to fit your needs and desires.

Fall in love with the Bahamas.  Planning a Bahamas holiday or wedding couldn’t be simpler. With the wide variety of resorts, locations, planning help, and offers, you’ll find preparing a Bahamas holiday or destination wedding much easier than you first assumed. Your family and friends will love the chance to see the beautiful Bahamas, as well as share this memorable moment with you.  The Out Islands of the Bahamas such as Eleuthera and Abaco are particularly special.  Start planning now for the best travel and resort experiences.