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No Shell Unturned

You want your dream destination wedding.
And you have a vision for how you want it to look and feel.

Oh, do tell!

Your ideas and inspiration will allow me to envision your wedding down to the tiniest of details.

(And if you have no idea what your vision is yet,
no worries. I can help you create one!)

(And if you have no idea what your vision is yet, no worries. I can help you create one!)

Together, we’ll design an unforgettable, customized experience just for you. And I’ll guide you through the decisions it takes to achieve the wedding day that you’ve been picturing all along – or never knew you wanted!

Here are just a few of the ways we’ll make your tropical dream come true:

Bahamas Wedding
Planning that

Feels Like Paradise

This experience is all about you and your day! So, let’s find the planning method that specifically speaks to your preferences, schedule, communication style, and overall vision.

Planning Schedule:

I’ll take all of those tasks and to-do’s and break them down into a manageable planning schedule that will guide you through the process. And with access to our timeline app, you’ll always know where things stand. So you can participate as much or as little as you want and relax knowing that from start to finish, I’ve got a plan. And so do you!

Vendor Management:

Not only will I connect you with the best in the business, but I’ll ensure your best interests are taken into consideration at all times. I’ll double-check the contracts to be sure they include what you need. And I’ll keep in frequent contact with your vendors on your behalf.


I’ll ensure that every aspect of your wedding will run smoothly and efficiently by creating a detailed timeline that includes a little wiggle room for when things get slightly off course. And you can breathe easy knowing that I’ll be there to ensure things are running according to schedule and according to plan.

A Plan for Plan B:

There are so many factors to consider when planning a beach wedding: the time of day, tide conditions, sand, and of course wind and rain. That’s why I’ll keep a close eye on these things for you. And I’ll gently guide you as we prepare for whatever comes our way. Overall, my goal is for you to feel at ease knowing that no matter the outcome, you will not be disappointed.

On Site Support:

On your wedding day, I’ll anticipate your needs with intention and care while being the mediator between you and everyone (and everything) else. I’ll fix any small situations that may arise. And you dear, will simply enjoy the day of your dreams. It will all feel like an absolute breeze!

Design Your Dream:

From the color of the napkins to the florals that best suit your vision – and all the design decisions in between – you can feel confident that your wedding in the Bahamas will not only run beautifully, it will be impeccably designed too. I’ll take your preferences on style, colors, florals, and decor and we’ll design a plan that brings that vision to life.

Travel Planning Services

We help you with all your travel planning needs.  These include air travel, host hotel accommodations, ground transportation and more.

Month –of Event Management

Have a hold on most of your planning and design but looking for a seasoned professional that’s local and able to help you execute it so that you can relax and enjoy the work you’ve done? We would love to discuss how we can be of assistance to carry out your event.

Management & Full-service Wedding Planning & Design Options are available. Contact me now to find out the best option for you.


Management  Options Start at $8995.


Full-service and Design Options Available: Pricing Based on Services Needed

On Point:

I’ll go above and beyond to care for you, your friends, and your family. From the greeting at the airport to check out at the hotel, I’ll see to it that every single touchpoint of your trip is on point. Together, we’ll provide a lovely and amazing experience for your guests, and you’ll know that their expectations (and yours) have been exceeded beyond imagination.

Marriage License Assistance:

Your wedding in the Bahamas will be considered 100% legal and accepted in all countries around the world! But yes, you will need to obtain a wedding license at the specific island where you’re to be married. Not to worry though! I’ll assist you with the application process, and I’ll collect the license prior to the wedding.

Whatever the Celebration

While weddings are my primary focus, I’m adept to plan and manage any type of event. And I would love to help you plan an exotic and unforgettable marriage proposal, anniversary, family reunion, or birthday celebration. Whatever the occasion, I’m here to help!