Spectacular Sandbar Weddings in the Bahamas

andbar Weddings in the Bahamas

Imagine hosting your big day in the middle of the Ocean. And no, we don’t mean in a boat or ship floating on the ocean. We mean having your wedding ceremony on white powdery sand, surrounded by water so blue, you’d think you’re imagining things. Spectacular sandbar weddings in the Bahamas can make this dream come true.

What Exactly is a Sandbar Wedding in the Bahamas?

Sandbar weddings in the Bahamas
Spectacular sandbar wedding in the Bahama. Photo by Donald Miralle.
Sandbar weddings in the Bahamas
Surreal beauty.. Photo by Donald Miralle.
Sandbar weddings in the Bahamas
Photo courtesy of Donald Miralle.

First, a sandbar is a little patch of beach sand that appears in the middle of the turquoise ocean waters at low tides and sometimes disappears after a few hours. A sandbar wedding in the Bahamas is a grand way to host an intimate destination wedding ceremony with just your closest loved ones in attendance.

The Best Places for A Sandbar Wedding in the Bahamas

The Bahamas has numerous exquisite sandbars on its 700 islands and cays. Outlined below are some of the best places to host spectacular sandbar weddings in the Bahamas.

1.      Exuma and the Exuma Cays

Sandbars are amazing! Marry on one! Photo: Donald Miralle
Sandbar weddings in the Bahamas
Midmorning winter sandbar wedding. Photo credit: Alfred Anderson Weddings.
Exuma Beach sandbar
Inclement weather relocated this sandbar wedding to a sheltered location to block the wind. Photo: Alfred Anderson Weddings

Spread across the Exuma and the shallow channels of the Exuma Cays are several sandbars to host your dream destination wedding in the Bahamas. Two of the most spectacular locations for a sandbar wedding are the Big Farmer’s Cay Sandbar and the Pipe Creek Sandbar. The Big Farmer’s Cay sand bar, popularly known as the “Mile-long Sandbar,” is located just south of Big Farmer’s Cay. Some parts of the Mile-long sandbar have knee-deep water that you and your guest can sink your feet in the crystal clear waters as you exchange your vows.

On the other hand, the Pipe Creek sandbar is made up of a network of small sandbars all over the shallow cays of Pipe Cay. Saying “I Do” on one of these sandbars, with your feet in the soft, supple sand and surrounded by electrifying dark blue waters, is definitely an exquisite way to tie the knot. There’s also a secret sandbar, known as White Bay, off the western coast of Great Exuma.

2.     Spanish Wells

The Spanish Wells is located at the crossroads between Nassau, Abacos, and the Exumas, just off the northwest tip of Eleuthera. You can host a sandbar wedding on any of the three Spanish Wells islands – Russell Island, St. George’s Cay and Charles Island. However, the sandbars on Russel Islands are the most perfect for spectacular sandbar weddings in the Bahamas.

3.     Eleuthera

Sandbar expanse. Photo by Reno Curling Photography

Eleuthera offers several astonishing wedding venues, such as the Pointe. However, there’s a xylophone of sandbars off the Cape of Eleuthera where you can host a spectacular wedding in the Bahamas. A particularly popular Eleuthera sandbar, simply known as The Sandbar, and that’s easily accessible, is just off the edge of Cape Eleuthera and is the perfect spot to tie the knot with the love of your life.

Sandbars are breathtakingly beautiful and a dream spot to start forever with your partner. Saying “I do” in a sandbar wedding is simply an unforgettable experience. If you need help organizing a spectacular sandbar wedding in the Bahamas, reach out to us today at Chic Bahamas Weddings.