The Abaco Islands – The Bahamas’ Popular Boating Capital

The Abaco Islands are acclaimed for awesome cruising and angling. The Abacos are a prime place for gatherings in The Bahamas Islands.  Abaco Island is located in the Northern Bahamas. The best vacation destination on this island is two principle islands “Awesome Abaco Bahamas Island” and “Little Abaco Bahamas Island.”

The Abaco Islands
The beautiful colors of The Abacos … Photo courtesy of fine art photographer Dave Cartwright.

One of the activities the Abaco Islands are acclaimed for is Diving trips.  Elbow Cay, Marsh Harbor, Walkers Cay are a few of the places where visitors like to go. The jumping treks are for both experienced and the newcomers. The diving organizations working on island deal with logistics. They arrange transport to pick and drop you off at your lodging. It is wise to book your diving trip ahead of time.

The Abaco Islands: The Abaco Club at Winding Bay

The Abaco Club Beach
Photo courtesy of Impressions Photography.

Cruising in The Abacos

Another prevalent fascination in the Abacos is cruising.  The cruising pontoon rentals are accessible for individual, private or group visits.  All data accessible for cruising water crafts are accessible in lodgings in structures visitors’ brochures.  Abaco has secluded, private get-away properties, that are an incredibly different option. The Abaco Club on the ocean is one such properties where luxury Villas are perched at water’s edge.  The expansive Villas give you more space, private setting and enjoy of pampered treatment. Additionally these estates are loaded with amenities. These choices are useful for large families or big destination wedding, and boating groups travelling together.

The Abaco Club
Abaco Club. Photo courtesy of Impressions Photography.

The association with outside world is either by heading out to three airport terminals on Island or through cruising. The three airports situated in Abaco (Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay and Walker’s Cay) take into account the travel necessities of Abaco. The method of transport from airport terminal and lodgings is Taxi or Boats. . Taxiis are without meters but charge flat rates guided by Roar Traffic Department. Another different option for Abaco is ship administration. 

Facts about Abaco Island:

  • *The Abacos are additionally called “top of The Bahamas”.
  • *The Island is 200 miles east of Miami, FL , USA.
  • *Population near 13,170.
  • *Abaco is 130 miles in length and involves Great Abaco and Little Abaco and numerous Cays.
  • *Language communicated in English.
  • *The coin being used is Bahamian Dollar (US dollar and British pound broadly acknowledged).
  • *Follows US model for power setup 110 v/60, for 220 volt instruments you require connector.
  • *Document expected to enter the Island are: Passport – Birth Certificate with picture ID, and return ticket.
  • *Popular for Scuba Diving and Sailing.