Behind-the-Scenes: The Life of a Wedding Planner

Life of a Wedding Planner

Picking out color palettes, conversing with vendors, creating a schedule…even the simplest wedding requires quite a bit of wedding planning. Now, add on a venue located across the ocean, and a bit of planning turns into a whole lot more! 

It makes sense for couples to hire a professional wedding planner to help them pull off one of the biggest parties of their lifetime. But there’s often some misconception around the wedding planning profession. 

Most people think the job is a glamorous party itself. We get to look at linens and pick out pretty flowers, after all. But there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. And although it’s not always as glamorous, it is always rewarding. 

Today, I invite you to take a peek behind the curtain to get an idea of what it’s really like being a wedding planner and how I can help you plan your dream Bahamian wedding. 

A Typical Day

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Couples aren’t always sure how involved planners are. For me, it’s not just a one-day situation. My clients hire me for months so that there’s plenty of time to take care of everything. 

My team and I truly do get into all the details and make sure everything is handled so that our couples can relax and enjoy a beautiful experience. 

My day starts in the early hours. I set the tone for the day by sipping coffee and reading a devotional. Then, I’ll head to the beach for a walk or jog before working out with my personal trainer. 

From there, the workday begins. I respond to emails, work on upcoming weddings, and attend meetings throughout the day. I also check in with my couples throughout the planning process – from our initial communication through the wedding day. And I always use the couple’s preferred method of communication: email, phone, Zoom calls, text, WhatsApp.

If it’s a day in the life of a destination wedding planner’s weekend, and the day begins with early morning travel to another island such as Exuma, Eleuthera, or Nassau to begin on the ground production of the event. I also meet with the couple, review the details, connect with the resort’s catering team, and secure the marriage license. 

After that, it’s on to ensure that all goods have arrived. And that we’re all set for the weekend’s celebration! This all in a day in the life of a wedding planner.

Favorite Part of the Job

I love seeing joyous couples, parents, family, and friends. It’s heartwarming when I can alleviate all of the couple’s fears. When they are relaxed and trust that their planners have everything under control.

Most Challenging Part of the Job

The most challenging part of my job is living on an island and having many elements (linens, flowers, chairs, tables, specialty china, glassware, silverware, and more) flown in or arrive via mail boat. After items arrive, we transport them by ground to the respective venue. Logistics are vital and very, very detailed.

Healthy Habits that Keep Me at My Best

Physically, it’s all about exercise and a healthy diet for me. Mentally, education is critical. I attend professional summits and industry events to develop and keep me current in the industry continually.

Advice for Planning a Destination Wedding in the Bahamas

Destination | Destination Wedding |
Wedding Planning
Sharing the joy of the day with this sweet couple. Photo courtesy of Caroline Lima Photography

I recommend planning well in advance, securing reliable information, and talking to a destination wedding planner at the very outset of planning your multi-event celebration. Do a pre-wedding site visit if at all possible. And consider tropical decor for your celebration!

I know it’s not always clear how much time and effort goes into planning a wedding until you actually start doing it. And even more so for a wedding in the Bahamas. But with Chic Bahamas Wedding & Events by your side, all the stress of putting together such a grand celebration will disappear. 

As a seasoned destination wedding planner, I will make this time far easier and more enjoyable than you ever imagined. Everything is under control and working beautifully behind the scenes!

If you’re dreaming of saying “I do” in a tropical setting or have any questions, you can reach me directly. I look forward to speaking with you!