Top 5 Things to Do When In The Bahamas

Clear blue skies, sun-soaked sand, swaying palm trees, and stunning sea views. It’s easy to daydream the day away when you’re thinking about the Bahamas.

But why daydream when you can call on me to help you plan a wonderful adventure to the Caribbean? 

Whatever the occasion – wedding celebration, anniversary, milestone birthday, or marriage proposal – I’ll make sure your time in the Bahamas is unforgettable.

So get out that pen and paper because I have a few ideas of how you can celebrate love and life the Caribbean way.

Here are just a few things I recommend adding to your Bahama bucket list. 

1| Enjoy Exuma and Harbor Island

Bahamas full of surprising experiences - pink sand beaches
Bahamas full of surprising experiences
The pink sand beaches of Harbour Island. Photo: Caroline Lima Photography

The Exuma Islands stretch for more than 120 miles and are surrounded by 19 shades of crystalline blue ocean. On land, you’ll find beaches boasting powdery white and pristine pink sands.

Yes, you heard that right – pink sand! The charming Harbour Island is known for its miles of pale pink sand comprised of coral, broken shells, and rock. But don’t worry. It’s silky smooth and compact, so you can kick off your shoes and dig your toes right in without worry.  

Bahamas full of surprising experiences - swimming pigs
Photo: Ryann Lindsey Photography

Once you’ve lounged to your heart’s content, take a dip into the warm water for a bit of swimming or snorkeling. And there’s plenty to do away from the beach. Rent a golf cart and take a leisurely ride around the island. Stop in for a cup of Jo at the Cocoa Coffeehouse or head to the Queen Conch for native Caribbean dishes. 

When you’ve taken in what these islands have to offer, head back to your resort or private villa to unwind and talk about your day’s adventures. 

2| Swim with Pigs

Photo: Hunter Berry

2| Swim with Pigs

If you thought pink sand was unique, how about swimming pigs? The Bahamas is full of surprising experiences! And this is one experience you must put on your bucket list. 

No one is exactly sure how the pigs got to Big Major Cay Island because it is uninhabited, and pigs are not native to the area. Some people say a group of sailors left them there. Others say the pigs swam over from a shipwreck. Whatever the case, we are sure glad these cute four-legged friends get to enjoy island life with the people who come to see them and us. 

3| Historical Walking Tour of Nassau

Nassau is rich in history and charm. Book a sightseeing tour and hear about how the Bahamas transformed from a pirate’s haven to a modern-day paradise. View Parliament Square, where pink Colonial buildings dot the streets.

Continue your stroll through the town and enjoy museums, art galleries, rum, and wine distilleries, chocolate factories, and the beautiful St. Francis Xavier Cathedral – the oldest Roman Catholic church in the commonwealth of the Bahamas. 

4| Ferry Ride 

Hop on a ferry from Nassau to Harbour Island and get a bird’s eye view of interesting spots along the way. Ferries like Bahamas Ferries will take you on a voyage through the waters of the Caribbean in a fully air-conditioned vessel. Or climb on deck for open-air views and fresh sea breezes. And keep your eye out for dolphins. 

Upon your arrival, take a golf cart from the dock and head out to explore cute boutiques, mouthwatering bakeries, and scrumptious lunch spots.

Grab wonderful Bahamian souvenirs from straw vendors along the shore road. Within the Straw Market, you’ll find unique handcrafted straw hats, bags, mats, conch shell jewelry, and wood carvings. Plenty of things to bring back to your family and friends!

From there, head back to the ferry for the voyage back to Nassau and congratulate yourself for a day well spent!

5| Dolphin Experience

Dolphins are intriguing, intuitive animals, and swimming with them will give you cherished memories. Both Blue Lagoon Nassau and UNEXSO Grand Bahama Island provide exhilarating swim sessions where you’ll learn about the dolphins and enjoy lots of hugs from these flippered friends. 

Photo by mnp242

You’ll swim alongside the dolphins, propel across the lagoon, have beach access, a buffet lunch, and have it all captured through photos so you’ll never forget your amazing time. 

Celebrating Life in the Bahamas

Every day we are alive is a reason to celebrate. And we should take every opportunity we have to soak up what this world has to offer. And oh my goodness, does the Bahamas have a bounty to share!  The Bahamas is full of surprising experiences!

At Chic Bahamas, I love helping people gather together to experience life in a beautiful way. Yes, I do a lot of wedding planning, but I’m also giddy about designing unforgettable, customized events of all kinds.

I can guide you on where to stay, the best places to eat, and all the amazing activities to try – including the ones mentioned above…and more! My vast knowledge of the area and insight into all things Bahamian will provide you with much more than what you’ll find through an internet search.   

You should feel comfortable and confident traveling to the Bahamas, which is why I will do everything to make sure your trip is seamless from start to finish. 

So no matter what you are celebrating in life, I would love to help you tick off these bucket list items in the Bahamas. Please reach out, and you’ll be well on your way to making these daydreams come true.