Top Tips to Assemble a Dream Event Team

Dream Event Team

Every successful wedding, social, or corporate event needs a dream event team of people behind it.  

Fortunately, the Bahamas has many qualified and creative vendors. Just about anyone you need to help you plan and pull off your event is available. But with all of the choices can come to a sense of overwhelming. Especially when you’re trying to plan a destination event. How do you really know who’s best for your dream team?

In today’s post, I’m sharing my top tips on how to assemble a dream event team. Because as a wedding and special event planner myself (and a local to the Bahamas), I have a strong community connection. And know a thing or two about creating a successful vendor group.

Your Bahama Dream Event Team

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Whom do you actually hire when putting together a team for your event in the Bahamas? The answer will depend on what kind of event you’re planning (wedding, corporate, or social), your priorities for the event, your vision, and the type of experience you want your guests to have.

For example, if you’re planning a wedding and entertainment is a priority, you’ll want to find live performers like a band or fire dancers.

And think about your vision for the event. Will it be held indoors or outdoors? Is the theme more formal or casual? Will you need catering/a photographer/rentals/etc.?

And if all of this sounds like something you would rather let someone else handle, you’ll want to add an event planner to your vendor team. I’ll connect you with the best vendors in the business and assist with management. My services also include design, décor selection, backup plans, and so much more, so you can completely relax – no matter how far from the Bahamas you are.

What to Look for in a Dream Event Team

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I don’t just recommend any old vendor to my clients. I suggest only those who have proven they know their stuff and go above and beyond for those they work with. 

Some of the things I look for in the vendors I recommend:


I must have seen a vendor’s work and received excellent references before recommending them to anyone. And this goes beyond just looking at a website portfolio or reading a few reviews. I need to know first-hand what these people say they can do, they can actually do! 

If you’re doing your own research, you can get a good sense of someone’s work through their portfolio and reviews. But it’s even better if you can look through the work they don’t present on their website and social media. The more information you can gather, the better!


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This includes everything from dressing appropriately to speaking well to showing up on time.

An experienced and professional vendor is also a team player and works well with others. They understand that they are not the only person involved in making your event a success.

A dream vendor will lend a helping hand but also know when to stick to their role. It’s a delicate balance that’s all part of being on a team.

How to Find Your Bahama Dream Event Team

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Photo by Ryann Lindsey Photography
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You now know whom you’re looking for, but how do you find these dream vendors? 

If you’re taking on the task yourself, you can do research by looking at websites and social media, reading reviews, and gathering referrals.

But it’s worth noting that it’s not always easy to find quality information when planning a destination event. It always helps to have someone in your chosen location do the heavy lifting for you! 

This is why the best way to assemble your dream event team is to hire an event planner who can take care of everything. I’ve planned my fair share of special events and have made outstanding connections in the Caribbean community. And I only recommend vendors I know will be ideal for your wedding or social gathering.   

If you would like some help, contact me. I would be thrilled to help you assemble your dream event team!