Vendor Spotlight: Lyndah Wells, Bahamas Wedding Photographer


Lyndah Wells/Lyndah Wells Photography

How long have you been in business?

This is my tenth year shooting weddings.

Bahamas wedding photography at sunset

Describe what you do and what makes you unique

I have an amazingly upbeat personality and thrive on adventure and taking risks. This has pretty much led me through this thing called life, and I wake up joyfully doing what I love every day. I’m an award-winning, internationally published wedding photographer based in the beautiful Bahamas. I’m also a brand ambassador for the innovative light modifier company, Magmod. My approach to life is visible in the bold, colorful and emotive images I make for my clients.

Tell us about yourself

I’m actually a city girl, originally from London, who would’ve never imagined living on an island, let alone an island with less than thirty thousand people. I’m married to Doug, whom I met on a 10-day vacation to The Bahamas. We ended up getting married after a 5-year long-distance relationship, and now have two amazing and energetic girls, Layla and Sadie and a dog called Cocoa. I love seafood and am known for making amazing cocktails. I live in Freeport, Grand Bahama and we are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, so it’s pretty intense.

What does your typical day look like?

I wake up at 6am, go for a run or gym workout, back home to take my girls to school by 7:30am. My studio opens at 10 am, but I typically start returning emails at around 9. During the week, editing takes up most of my days. Vernesse, my studio assistant, handles all design aspects and client projects and we have a weekly meeting to discuss goals, social media posts, and blog submissions. I pick my girls up at 2:30 pm and by 3:15, I’m back to work until about 5 pm. Doug and I try to have the girls to bed by 7:30 so we have time to sit down and chat about our respective days for a bit before I head back into the studio to do more editing. Most Fridays I’m headed to the airport for weekend weddings on various islands and typically return home on Sunday afternoon.

What do you do in your spare time?

I shoot street photography. It’s purely personal, I try not to have any expectations when I head out. I shoot with my small Fuji, it helps to train my eye. It’s also a way of documenting my life on the island with my family. I also chauffeur my girls to all of their extracurricular activities!

Best advice for couples planning a Bahamas wedding?

Make sure the wedding you plan is for you and not to please others! And hire a good planner – it makes life so much easier!

You have a friend traveling to the Bahamas for the first time – where do you recommend they eat/drink/shop and stay?

On my home island of Grand Bahamas, I would say to head to Dolphin Cove for a beautiful dining experience, The Stoned Crab for Insta-worthy decor and great vibes on the beach. Pelican Bay is a great hotel, and if in Nassau, I recommend The Island House & Shima and Mahogany House for a stay and joint dining experience.

Bahamas wedding photographer captures on South Andros

Any tips for couples planning to marry in the bahamas?

A Bahamas wedding ceremony captured an hour before sunset will not only give you amazing photographs but will ensure you and your guests are comfortably cool and relaxed.

A ceremony set an hour before sunset will not only give you amazing photographs but will ensure you and your guests are comfortably cool and relaxed.

Lyndah Wells

What do you do to treat yourself and unwind?

I know it sounds weird, but I run! It helps me relax and gives me a great high! A conch salad and cold beer on the beach is a close second.

Favorite Music / Book / Movie / TV Show?

My favorite TV Show hands down is The Wire. I’m loving Colors Studio music channel on YouTube, they play a wonderful range of emerging international artists. My favorite author is James Ellroy, I have read dozens of his books.

Bahamas wedding photography - bride and groom

We love it when we get to work with Lyndah, and you will, too! Hiring her for your Bahamas wedding is a no-brainer, you can see loads of the weddings she’s shot for us (here, here and here to start!) Visit her site for more beautiful images and tell her we sent you!